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Ace of base grounds his Chorizo Risotto in Latin comfort

Recent Staff Blog PostsCase closed on Madore’s silly park jobReport: NBA execs believe LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love likeliest big names to change teamsWestfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shopA look at
cheap ray bans dads by the numbersUsing berries to convert excess fat into calorie burning fatCamas placed third in Class 4A in WIAA Scholastic CupSmelt season to be proposedDeadline on school funding planGrayson named Mountain West Offensive MVPLogin Sign UpHere’s how smart Michael Schlow is about Latin cooking: The Boston chef restaurateur borrowed the notion of a paella sofrito that aromatic wonder base of sauteed vegetable bits to create a risotto.And it isn’t just any sofrito, but one that builds a sly, round heat on the shoulders of dried ancho chili pepper, fresh poblano, onion and house made chorizo. The dish has been served at his Tico in Beantown since its opening night in 2011, and it has become the go to bowl of comfort at the Tico in Washington.Few domestic culinary endeavors taste this rich and inviting with less than an hour’s work.Dice and seed 1 poblano chili pepper. Dice 1/2 onion. Cut 2 links (4 ounces total) of cured (cooked) chorizo in half lengthwise, then cut crosswise into thin half moons. Combine in a saucepan, along with a generous 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Stir to coat and bring to a boil over medium high heat, then reduce the heat to medium low; cook until the vegetables
cheap ray bans are tender.Add 1 cup arborio rice; stir for 1 minute to coat, then
fake ray bans add a pinch of fresh thyme leaves.Increase the heat to medium high; use a wooden spoon to stir in the first ladleful of 3 cups warmed no salt added chicken broth or vegetable broth. Cook until the broth has almost evaporated before adding the next ladleful. Repeat to use all the broth; the cooking should take 18 to 22 minutes total, and the rice should be creamy yet a little al dente.Stir in the ancho chili puree, 1 tablespoon unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons chopped scallion until well incorporated,
discount ray bans then stir in 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Taste and season lightly with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper if needed.Articles Connexes:

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Look Like A Movie Star With Ray

Every kid wants to be the hero of the movie. When we’re older, and we’ve realized stardom might be beyond most of us, we learn to want the next best thing: we want to look like the hero.

Clothes maketh the man, or so the old saying goes. While clothes might not be very good at acting, they do a great job of defining characters. An actor can put so much into a role, but it’s that combination of clothes, hats, shoes and such that combine to act as their signature. Icing the cake means getting the accessories right. Most important are the eyeglasses or sunglasses a character wears. It’s all about eyes the windows of the soul because that’s where we naturally look first. And so often, you’ll find that a character in sunglasses has covered their eyes with Ray Bans.

Sunglasses are a shield for guilty and innocent eyes alike, which is why they can add mystery to a part, and help to define the feel of a movie. Case in point the Ray Ban Wayfarer. Audrey Hepburn wore a pair to Breakfast
cheap ray bans At Tiffany’s. In 1992′s Reservoir Dogs, bad guys robbed banks in identical black suits with identical black sunglasses.

It’s a testament to the versatility of the Wayfarer design that while they seem to amplify the cold hearted depths of Harvey Keitel’s character as he fires away mercilessly at two cops, they manage to bring equal and opposite charm to the characters of Dan Akyroyd and John Belushi in the 1980 classic, The Blues Brothers, only adding to the sheer joy. (Movie geeks
cheap ray ban outlet will no doubt presume that both films feature men in black suits for a very good reason, but only Quentin Tarantino knows if there is one.)

Although the Blues Brothers boosted the Wayfarer’s image as a cultural icon, this didn’t translate into sales, and only 18,000 pairs were sold in 1981. Surprisingly, they were on the verge of being discontinued, but in 1982 Ray
discount ray bans Ban signed a $50,000 a year deal to secure product placements on the big and small screens, and from 1982 to 1987, Ray Ban sunglasses appeared in over 300 movies or TV shows.

During 1986 they showed up in high profile shows such as Miami Vice and Moonlighting, and then in John Hughes’ hit, The Breakfast Club. So is it all just hype and marketing? The cynic would say so, but if that was the
discount ray bans case, nobody would be wearing them anymore. Wayfarers have been around since 1951, have picked up enough fans to spawn numerous copycats, and have weathered the highs and lows of the popularity roller coaster. They may take a dip this year or the next, but rest assured they’ll always be back later.Articles Connexes:

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The bully the GOP has been waiting for

Now that he declared his candidacy, odds are Republicans will nominate Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president. They won be able to help themselves. If Hollywood put out a casting call for an anti Obama, Perry would get the role.

Democrats have been chortling about running against yet another swaggering Texas governor. Mother Jones blogger Kevin Drum explains why Perry can win:

too Texan in the Republican Party, not everyone is from the South and not everyone is bowled over by a Texas drawl. Perry is, by a fair amount, more Texan than George W. Bush, and an awful lot of people are
replica ray ban sunglasses still suffering from Bush fatigue. I think this is wrong. The cowboy archetype runs so deep in American culture that even George W. Bush couldn ruin it. Besides, the Connecticut rancher was a trust fund poser who rode bicycles, not horses. Deep down, everybody knew that. Now that he no longer president, Republicans no longer have to pretend they believe the brush cutting charade.

Perry, though, strongly resembles the Tommy Lee Jones of Dove. Never mind that while an authentic Texas roughneck, Tommy Lee was Al Gore Harvard roommate. It the symbolism that matters. Perry also has
cheap ray bans what appears to be a genuine mean streak. More than anything, Republicans who see a waffling centrist like President Obama as a dictator yearn to punish somebody.

Perry may be exactly the bully they seek. Even executing a seemingly innocent man almost everybody who looked into the case of Cameron Todd Willingham thinks so and then openly tampering with a commission charged with investigating the case, makes
fake ray bans him a hero to some.

takes balls to execute an innocent man, one hairy chested patriot famously told a focus group. I think that guy sends me weekly emails.

True, Perry has manifest liabilities. If Michele Bachmann can make an issue of his ill fated executive order requiring sixth grade Texas girls to be vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases, she got no business running. His scheme to build privately owned toll roads across Texas by giving out of state corporations the power to seize property by eminent domain represented the kind of crony capitalism that gave Mussolini a bad name.

Perry sectarian religiosity and loose talk about Texas seceding might not play among Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania voters whose ancestors fought to save the union. Calling Social Security an unconstitutional Ponzi scheme would doom most candidates, although it the kind of big talk that thrills them down at the Tea Party corral.

Even so, here the kind of anecdote people love about the Texas governor, narrated by Peter Boyer in the Daily Beast:

of the photographs that Texas Gov. Rick Perry keeps on his BlackBerry is a portrait of Aurora P. ( Perry, the family black Labrador Retriever, who last year acquired a key role in local Perry legend. The governor and the dog were out for an early morning jog when a coyote suddenly appeared, growling at Rory. Perry, who carries a Ruger .380 handgun in his belt when he jogs, pulled the weapon and shot the coyote dead. When some Austin locals protested that Perry reaction was excessive, and dangerous, he shrugged it off. attack my dog, he said, you might get shot.

Just like sissified Austin Democrats to whine about a dead coyote, right? Too bad there were no witnesses to Perry derring do. Because the story strikes me as either completely false or greatly exaggerated the kind of tall tale Sarah Palin might invent about herself. (The mighty huntress who needed six shots to hit a caribou that stood grazing like a cow.)

Out in the boondocks we live surrounded by coyotes. We hear them most nights and see them all the time
replica ray bans normally running, because they scared to death of my two Great Pyrenees, whose life goal is to tear a coyote to pieces. One time I saw Jesse, the big male, pile into two coyotes attacking my neighbor goat kids. He flung one about four feet, and then started after the second, which took off at warp speed. Jesse can run almost 25 mph. Those coyotes left him like he was standing still.

They have the identical reaction to a Labrador retriever. Coyotes are looking for a tasty Chihuahua or house cat, not a fight. They exceptionally wary predators that shun human contact. Stamp your feet and holler, as Perry says he did, and they vanish like smoke. My neighbor killed a coyote last winter with a scoped deer rifle at 100 yards. He was awfully proud of himself.

Maybe Perry encountered a terminally ill coyote too weak to flee. That the only way his story makes sense. More likely, I suspect, he saw one, snapped off a shot and imagined he must have hit it. Every hunter been there.Articles Connexes:

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Head of Seattle parks department resigning

SEATTLE The head of Seattle’s Parks and Recreation Department is resigning with a warning. Tim Gallagher says the real story isn’t his departure, but the budget crisis in the parks department.Gallagher has certainly attracted his share of criticism since he took his post in 2007. But he says people need to
replica ray ban sunglasses focus on what he calls the upcoming collapse of a great parks system and not his resignation.Gallagher has come
cheap ray bans under scrutiny over the years for his at times heavy travel schedule, particularly as the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department faces cuts of more than $10 million and possibly as many as 100 full time positions by the end of next year.Gallagher also sparked some perhaps unwanted attention in February when he instituted a ban on smoking in Seattle parks. It was a position he later changed to allow people to use tobacco only
replica ray bans if they are at least 25 feet away from
cheap ray bans another patron.But despite these issues, Gallagher insists the real issue is what he calls the upcoming collapse of a truly great park system due to those pending budget cuts.Articles Connexes:

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