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AMA 165 – A New Light Shines on Real Estate Investing with Gary Pinkerton

Jason Hartman and one of his clients, Gary Pinkerton discuss an article from Vox.com called “27 Charts That Will Change How You Think About the American Economy”. With shifts in recent years regarding productivity, demographics, and inflation, Jason and Gary evaluate what kind of impact this will have on US real estate investing.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] How Gary found Jason

[5:57] Introducing “The 27 Charts that will change how you think about the American economy”

[10:07] The service industry has a crucial indicator for the American standard of living

[13:59] Labor force numbers have been decreasing since 2000

[16:30] Urban areas are one of the few in the country that are growing

[21:05] Inflation-adjusted home prices

[26:18] Construction costs have not been keeping pace with housing prices

[30:42] American retirement no longer means the same thing



AMA 164 – The Future of Real Estate Investing Under President Donald Trump with Daren Blomquist

Jason Hartman talks with Daren Blomquist, Senior VP at ATTOM Data Solutions and the Executive Editor of ATTOM’s award-winning Housing News Report. The two look into the impact our new President, Donald Trump, could have on real estate investing, how he might change the economy, and what sort of regulations (or lack thereof) that might impact our investing future.

Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Trump’s presidency could have significant implications for real estate investors and the US economy

[5:55] Lack of real wage growth has created housing affordability issues

[8:46] Low interest rates tend to spure housing bubbles

[11:33] Housing prices keep rising, whereas home ownership is at a 50 year low

[15:43] What would repealing Dodd-Frank do to investing?

[19:11] ATTOM’s Housing News Report examines why big banks are currently exiting the mortgage business

[20:16] The trend of rising foreclosure activity continued in October 2016

[24:29] A $1 trillion infrastructure investment will be a boost for real estate investors.

[25:36] Get a free year of ATTOM’s Housing News Report by emailing [email protected] and mention “Creating Wealth”



AMA 163 – How Investment Opportunities in Real Estate Are Changing in Today’s Financial Environment with Andrew Wright

Jason Hartman talks with Andrew Wright, CEO and Managing Partner at Franklin Street. During his time in real estate, Andrew has been involved in over $1 billion in real estate and finance transactions, as well as more than $800 million in debt resolution.

Jason and Andrew discuss how commercial real estate has had to adjust to the changing social dynamics, and where you might best be investing your money today.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] What to expect from our first real estate president

[4:44] Retail centers have had to substantially change thanks to the internet

[8:16] Warehouse and delivery industries have seen a boon because of the internet bringing in things like same day shipping

[12:39] Andrew gives his opinion on how much more room we might have to grow

[16:48] Andrew dissects the current cap rate availability for commercial real estate

[18:53] The 1 investment Andrew loves today



AMA 162 – The Conservative Case for Trump with Ed Martin

Jason Hartman talks with Ed Martin, former President of The Eagle Forum and former Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, about his new book, The Conservative Case for Trump.

Jason and Ed discuss what they think Trump’s vision is, the path Trump’s willing to take to do what’s right for our nation, the problems with creating fair trade agreements, and the need to shake things up politically in our nation.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Whether we really need a conservative case for Trump

[4:32] Ed’s stance on free trade

[8:47] Trying to find the right balance when negotiating trade deals

[13:10] Why our nation needs a political shake up

[16:40] The Clintons are the horrible status quo, Trump provides a shift


The Conservative Case for Trump

AMA 161 – Real Estate Investing under a Trump Administration with Newmark Grubb Knight Frank’s James Kuhn

James D. Kuhn is President of New York City’s Newmark Grubb Knight Frank commercial real estate advisory firm. James joined Jason Hartman to discuss how the Trump presidency can shake things up. The two discuss how Trump could impact real estate markets and inflation. They also consider how Trump could help improve job growth if he handles trade policies properly.

Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Trump’s potential impact on real estate

[6:12] Trump’s trade policies will almost certainly provide winners and losers

[11:19] James believes education is the link between lower and middle class

[14:14] Online college should be cheap and accessible for all Americans

[16:14] In today’s market, real estate investors are having trouble finding value

[19:00] When will the Fed allow inflation?

[20:42] Real estate is the last great investment opportunity

[23:09] Do not forget the commandment, thou shall not gamble in real estate investing