American Global Economic Credibility Crumbles – Thanks Lindsey

That whimper you may have noticed coming from the corner was the sound of America's pitifully small last hope. Why do we offer such a dire prediction? Well, in case you aren't following the tweets of Hollywood actress and controlled substance experiment gone awry, Lindsey Lohan, you may not be aware that this financial genius in hiding (and she hid it really REALLY well) recently posted a message to her Twitter account noting that the price of gas and food is up and inflation on the horizon.

First of all, if you are following Ms. Lohan's tweets, we would like to ask you to never visit our website again. There is simply no excuse for a judgment lapse that monumental and we really try to be careful who we associate with. In case you're wondering, someone sent us the fateful link that has become the topic of this post. Are you insinuating that WE follow the slow motion Lohan train wreck just because we have nothing better to do? Pleading the Fifth on that one.

Second of all, Lohan's insightful observation might have been cutting edge back in the mid-1970's. To anyone who's been paying attention at all, “Thanks for the heads up, Captain Obvious.” In cas

e you can no longer stand the suspense, here's a link to the tweet, though we'll save your trigger finger a click and reproduce it below.

“Have you guys seen food and gas prices lately? U.S. $ will soon be worthless if the Fed keeps printing money!”

Obviously, this starlet has had more time than usual on her hands lately, what with the incarceration and all, but is she really sitting there in cell block #9 pondering the Obama administration's and Federal Reserve handling of the economy? Even more disturbing, echoing an observation made at, is what brainiac hatched the plan to purchase ad space on Lohan's Twitter account on the topic of inflation?

Right now, our brain hurts too much to continue with this topic. To sum it all up.

1 – We DO have inflation that is likely to crush our economy in the future
2 – Sponsored tweets might shortly be listed on the endangered list
3 – The older Lindsey Lohan is, the worse her movies get.

The American Monetary Association Team

American Monetary Association

(Flickr / AshleyCooper)

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