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Super Committee Fails. What's Next?

By now, most anyone who has been paying attention, even peripherally, is probably aware that the so-called “super committee” put together by politicians to reach a compromise about spending cuts has failed miserably. Limping off into the sunset with nary a whine as the deadline passed, the members essentially took a pass and said, “We […]


AMA 31 – John Stapleford: Ethics & Public Policy – Part 2

No, the above title is not a typo. According this week’s guest John Stapleford, it is possible for ethics and public policy to have a direct correlation. Stapleford is not only a senior economist for Moody’s, professor emeritus of economic development at Eastern University and former director of the University of Delaware’s Bureau of […]


Blame Officially Assessed in Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

In case anyone was still wondering who is to blame for the April 2010 explosion that killed almost a dozen workers and set off a monumental Gulf of Mexico oil spill, wonder no more: the official United States government report came out a while back. Let's recap first. Deepwater Horizon was an oil drilling rig […]