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Success (Like Frog Eating) is Simple But Hard

If anyone out there in the reading audience has an aversion to amphibians, you might want to skip this article, because we make liberal use of the idea in order to make a point about why you might not have found the success (yet) you so richly deserve. After more than two decades using real […]


The Changing Face of the Foreclosure Market

Around the time of the 2008 Presidential election, the nation’s housing market was heading toward collapse, as masses of “subprime” mortgage holders fell into default, flooding the market with large numbers of foreclosed homes and creating a ready source of low-cost income property. Now, four years later, that flood of foreclosed homes has, at least […]


Post-Election Prognoses: Employment Benefits Housing

In the post-election analyses of What It All Means for the country’s future, economic trend watchers are keeping a close eye on the future of the recovering – but still struggling—US housing market. Based on existing conditions and expectations for the coming years, the health of the housing industry may be tied to an improving […]


The Cost of Inflation Ignorance

“Inflation investing” or income property investing, as Jason Hartman refers to it, can be a tricky concept to understand. To budding income property investors seeking to create financial independence and accustomed to thinking of the idea that debt is bad, it’s critical to shift into a “real” vs “nominal” value frame of mind in order […]


Bulk Home Sales: Who Benefits?

Some strategies to boost the US housing recovery also benefit individual home buyers and even small investors. But plans announced by federal mortgage superagency Fannie Mae and various other entities to wholesale foreclosed homes in bulk to large investment groups may actually undercut the recovery by removing these homes from the market and cutting the […]


Hardship Short Sales: A Break for Sandy Victims

The recent Hurricane Sandy affected mortgage holders in hard-hit Northeastern states in a number of ways. Lenders from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on down stepped up to offer ways to ease the burden of mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Among those options is eligibility for a short sale of a distressed home due to […]

Read More... Foreign Investors

Recently on the American Monetary Association we discussed how the thought of foreign investment in the U.S. in both businesses and properties raises strong feelings on both sides of the issue. In recent years, foreign investment in American in come property has begun to surge because of a weaker dollar and increased availability of income […]


Foreign Investment – Threat or Economic Boost?

The notion of foreign investment in American businesses and properties raises strong feelings on both sides of the issue. One flashpoint is the fact that in recent years, foreign investment in US real estate is surging thanks to a weaker dollar and the increased availability of properties at unprecedented low prices. What does this mean […]


The Market – Not One But Many

Much has been written about the “housing market” as well as other kinds of ‘markets’ affecting the US economy. But there isn’t a single housing market in the country. The same can be said on an international scale – there isn’t really a single market that covers every country in the world. These terms offer […]


ARM or Fixed Rate: Mortgaging for Stability

The health of the mortgage industry has made recent headlines, due both to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the ongoing phenomenon of near-record low rates for both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, or ARMS, But while these low interest rates make it possible to purchase income property at bargain basement prices, not all […]