AMA 119 – The Truth about Real Estate Hard Money Lending with Salvatore Buscemi

Salvatore Buscemi is the author of Making the Yield: Real Estate Hard Money Lending Uncovered as well as the Managing Director for Dandrew Partners New York. He talks to Jason Hartman on the subject of finding experienced fund managers, the problems with crowd funding, dealing with inexperienced investors, and much more on today’s show.


Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Salvatore talks about his book, Making The Yield: Real Estate Hard Money Lending Uncovered.

[2:50] You can’t take $2,000 from someone and really invest or place that capital meaningfully.

[9:00] People are going to real estate fund managers who have no experienced and are losing their money.

[19:45] Real estate crowd funding deals are tricky, because now the developer is dealing with less experienced investors.

[27:20] You can’t make accurate predictions in an era where government and central banks intervene.

[35:50] People want more control over their investments and rather invest in someone who they have a good relationship with.

[39:30] Ask the hard questions first before you invest.



There will be many problems in the world of crowd funding. Many lawsuits, many frauds. Get ready. They’re coming.

What’s great about real estate is it’s an imperfect market and that imperfection is what breeds opportunity.

When you do qualify these fund managers, you do have to look at their track record.




Mentioned In This Episode:


Making the Yield by Salvatore Buscemi



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