AMA 165 – A New Light Shines on Real Estate Investing with Gary Pinkerton

Jason Hartman and one of his clients, Gary Pinkerton discuss an article from called “27 Charts That Will Change How You Think About the American Economy”. With shifts in recent years regarding productivity, demographics, and inflation, Jason and Gary evaluate what kind of impact this will have on US real estate investing.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] How Gary found Jason

[5:57] Introducing “The 27 Charts that will change how you think about the American economy”

[10:07] The service industry has a crucial indicator for the American standard of living

[13:59] Labor force numbers have been decreasing since 2000

[16:30] Urban areas are one of the few in the country that are growing

[21:05] Inflation-adjusted home prices

[26:18] Construction costs have not been keeping pace with housing prices

[30:42] American retirement no longer means the same thing


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