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AMA 366: Market Crash Predictions, California Climate Policy, Crypto History, Bitcoin & Mark Moss

Investor, entrepreneur, and Crypto Expert, Mark Moss, returns to the show today discussing what’s happening in Mexico compared to California? Moss, a California resident, shares some aspects of California that are proving problematic moving forward. Will these bills in motion and aggressive attempts to combat climate change cause a California market crash? “Every problem boils […]


AMA 365: Nominal Confusion, FedNow, Capital Formation, and Dynastic Wealth, Lynette Zang

Jason Hartman interviews Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, about everything monetary policy. Opening with one of Lynette’s favorite charts shared from the FRED, Federal Reserve Education Department, Lynette, and Jason guide us through a discussion to clear up nominal confusion. Zang shares recent developments with FedNow and how this will affect the […]


AMA 364: Macro-Economic Trends, Debt to GDP, Inflation, Japan George Gammon

George Gammon joins Jason Hartman remotely from Saint Barthélemy. What’s happening with Japan’s debt to GDP ratio, and how can the US compare to this? George talks about the change in the savings rate due to Coronavirus and how it is manipulated. George and Jason discuss some ideas that the Fed may not want the […]