California’s Governor Recycling Program is the Ultimate Environmental Decision

The American Monetary AssociationFormer terminator, body builder, and recent leader of Cali, Governor Arnie, swept into power two terms ago with a quasi-conservative reputation and a belief by the people that he was going to set things right. After all, that”s what action heroes do. The reality is that the governator tried to chart a centrist course along a muddy path and managed to accomplish literally nothing of substance, while the California ship of state headed straight for deadly financial rocks.

Enter Jerry Brown, former governor of the state in the late 1970″s and early 1980″s – and this is supposed to be a forward thinking, liberal state? Earth to California, you”re recycling governors. So what does Governor Brown have to look forward to in his brand new old position? First of all, he”s got to trim a $25 billion budget deficit by June 30, a reality he alluded to in the bold, boring words of his inaugural address: “The year ahead will demand courage and sacrifice. Choices have to be made and difficult decisions taken. It is a tough budget for tough times.”

So far, the new governor has outlined a breathtaking plan to trim $7 million by axing the office of the first lady and eliminating an educational advisory office. That leaves just about, let”s see…$24.993 billion to go. Reform tactics like this would give a drop-in-the-bucket delusions of grandeur.

You go, Governor Brown. We”ve got some other ideas for you:

1. Cancel the Cigar Aficionado subscription
2. Get rid of salad forks at state dinner functions
3. Reduce the temperature on the hot water heater slightly

Are we there yet? Is the $25 billion shortfall gone? Hmm, guess we”re going to have to suggest more intensely austere measures. Sushi will no longer be available on the state assembly breakfast bar, AND there will be an immediate freeze on wages paid to illegal migrant workers. By the way, don”t weep for California First Lady, Anne Gust Brown. She still gets to be Mrs. Moonbeam, just won”t get paid for it. You heard it here first – her advice is free

All this would be more amusing if California weren”t in a neck-and-neck race with New York to become the first failed American state.

The American Monetary Association Team

Flickr / Freedom To Marry

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