How Money Makes You Sick – Literally

AmericanMonetaryAssociation.orgOur relationship with money is the ultimate example of love/hate, but did you know there are several ways that it literally can make you ill? Our thanks to CBS Moneywatch for the following inspiration.

1. Debt, especially of the high-interest credit card variety causes stress and can turn you from a pretty fun person into a unrepentant grouch. Unfortunately, your frustration often seeks an outlet on the people closest to you – family.

2. The typical paper and ink used by so many merchants on purchase receipts can carry a chemical known as bisphenol, or BPA for short, that has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and infertility. If you store receipts in your wallet or purse, BPA migrates to your cash and then to your hands. Maybe there's a reason you feel sick all the time.

3. Warehouse shopping. Places like Sam's Club allow consumers to buy mayonnaise in super-sized casino online containers more akin to a vat than a jar. Studies have shown we tend to eat 25 percent more when serving ourselves from a big container. Ergo, weight gain and poor health.

4. Another grocery related m

istake is to buy groceries with a credit card. This is a habit perfect for impulse buys, which makes the calories add up and, ergo, more overeating and weight gain.

5. A low income can literally shorten your life span. One study found that those who earn more than six figures tend to have better insurance and seek preventative health care, while those below $20,000 have little or no health care to speak of, which makes them prime candidates for heart disease.

6. Being stingy can make you sick. Studies show that people who spend money on themselves have a lower rate of happiness and mental health than those who spend money on gifts for others.

The American Monetary Association thought it would be good for readers to realize that you can't blame all your financial and health problems on Ben Bernanke and President Obama. Some of the responsibility falls squarely on your own shoulders.

The American Monetary Association Team

American Monetary Association

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