Slaves to the Federal Reserve

AmericanMonetaryAssociation.orgThe Federal Reserve is firmly lodged in the unenviable position of having to pretend one thing while doing another. At times, the tendency is to conclude, based on their actions, that they must have eaten paint chips as kids because certain inflationary actions they take seem counter-intuitive to anyone with a IQ above that of a zucchini. But you should step back before casting aspersions that the whole lot of them are a group of particularly low functioning dullards.

The truth is much more devious.

While the average American might assume that the Federal Reserve works for the citizen with the good of the country’s economic health foremost in mind, the truth is that the Fed is a private entity which was granted broad, tyrannical powers at a clandestine meeting in Georgia in the run up to World War I. And what is the goal of a private business? To make money for its owners, of course, in this case that would be a cabal of international banking corporations.

The Federal Reserve wants to keep the American economic engine churning along only so long as it is profitable for the corporate owners of the Fed. They don’t hate the average citizen and taxpayer but look upon us much as the old plantation owners looked at slaves: something necessary to the pursuit of higher profits but certainly less than human.

Believe it, the moment this little experiment in nation building we call the United States goes awry, the banking concerns behind the Federal Reserve will close up shop and, like a parasite, be on to the next host. So don’t make the mistake of acting surprised when Mr. Bernanke and the rest of the Fed circus implements what seem to be high risk economic moves. It’s only risky to those unfortunate to be sitting downwind from the fallout. The whole point is to squeeze as much profit out of the economy before the whole thing implodes.

The one thing the Fed has learned over hundreds of years and through tinkering behind the scenes of countless nations is that eventually America will fail and find itself another husk left in the dust of history’s bin. As for us, we’re not going to feel too sorry for the Federal Reserve when they have to find another victim in their pursuit of controlling the resources of the world.

The American Monetary Association Team

Flickr / fsgm

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