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Mortgage Forgiveness: The End of Tax Breaks?

Among the various options offered to help distressed homeowners deal with collapsing mortgages and the resulting loss of houses and credit, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is a little known break, freeing homeowners from a tax liability on mortgage debt forgiven by a lender. Unless extended by Congress, the Act expires at the end […]


Defining a Real Estate Bubble

A few years’ ago you could scarcely open a financial newspaper or magazine without running into talk of the housing bubble that was destined to burst. Since then, the bubble has definitely exploded, laying waste to millions of investors and homeowners alike, and now lies like a limp balloon at the bottom of the market, […]


Why Home Ownership in America is Declining

Did Americans wake up in 2011 and suddenly decide that owning your own home was so 20th century? We're pretty sure not. At American Monetary Association, we have a good idea that the average citizen still thinks home ownership is a pretty cool thing. Why the decline then? Why does a recent study by the […]