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Are Precious Metals Just a Flash in the Investing Pan?

After a long downturn, the prices of gold and silver are bouncing back, sparking a flurry of tranasatcions as investors try to take advantage of the upswing. But while trading in gold has its own glamour, wise investors who see past the glitter know that precous metals really don’t offer much in the way of […]


Is the Gold Standard Becoming Obsolete?

After months in free fall, the price of gold is expected to rise in 2014, and changing conditions both in the US and around the globe are fueling an increase in gold investments. But as the prices of this precious metal swing up and down – in recent times, mostly down – some market watchers […]


Where is gold going in 2011?

Gold and oil are very different in their investment characteristics since gold is purchased principally to hold as an inflation hedge and oil is purchased primarily for refinement into gasoline and other petroleum products. Typically, this makes oil much more subject to international political factors and global economic forces. However, Gold has taken a more […]