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Can Apple Turn Gold Into Profits?

Gold – that ancient standard for wealth and beauty – has had a roller coaster ride in the world’s money markets lately, trading down from last year and struggling against other commodities in global investing. But a new maneuver from Apple Corp is poised to change all that, as the computer giant positions itself to […]


S&P 500 vs. Gold Price

AmericanMonetaryAssociation.orgOne of the important ratios to keep in mind when examining the equity markets is the gold price relative to the major stock market indexes. This provides a valuable insight into the extent to which market values reflect a real shift of sentiment toward equity value, versus the extent to which the value has lost value, driving increases in nominal valuations to simply retain purchasing power. Over the last 35 years, the relative price of Gold1 and the S&P 5002 has oscillated up and down very significantly. In the aftermath of 2008 and the financial crisis, this ratio has regressed toward a value of 1.0, which indicates equal valuation for the S&P 500 index and an ounce of gold. In the latter half of 2010, the S&P 500 vs. Gold ratio dropped below 1.0 as Gold prices were pushed up by speculators seeking to hedge against expected future inflation. Our analysis indicates that this trend is likely to continue through 2011 as monetary expansion inflates both asset classes.


Gold and Silver Stay Strong as Fiat Currency Puffery Continues

As the calendar turns from 2010 to 2011, gold and silver show no sign of relenting in their charge up the price charts, and who could blame them? With the United States stalwart determination to continue printing fiat currency, investors, and even average citizens, have felt the urge to stock up on something that has […]