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Target’s Account Hack highlights Weak Card Security Systems

Even if you aren’t one of the 40 million debit and credit card holders burned by the recent hack into the databanks of giant retailer Target, you may still be at risk for having your account information hijacked, thanks to weaknesses in the way credit card data is captured at the point of sale. Target’s […]


Virtual Banks Promise Full Service, But Are They Safe?

how to get your ex back p>Internet business is booming – and more and more companies and services are abandoning traditional “brick nod mortar” physical locations altogether in favor of a lower cost, online-only model. The latest newcomer to cyber commerce is online-only banking, as new, virtual banks promise the same kind of services and […]


Cyber Crime and You: Avoiding Identity Theft

One of the most disturbing trends related to internet crime is the fact that so few people are disturbed by it; a recent survey revealed that most respondents wrote off cyber crimes such as common scams and “phishing,” or collecting personal information using misleading emails, as just part of the cost of doing business online. […]