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Old Scams Still Snare New Victims

It’s said there’s nothing new under the sun. And that seems to be true in the world of financial scams and frauds, where new victims continue to get caught in variations of old scams that have beep around for years. The Internet has only made it easier for scam artists to cast a wider net. […]


Fake Financial Advising Targets Older Investors

With taglines like “Can you afford to die?” and “How will you spend your retirement?” financial planning programs aimed at older investors appear everywhere, promising peace of mind and security – for a price. But, as the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau reports, all too often these “financial advisors” targeting seniors with money to spare have […]


Marijuana Goes Legit and Stock Scams Follow

Marijuana is now legal in 20 states, and more are sure to follow. As pot goes mainstream, so does the money associated with it – and that means doors are opening for investors to get in on the ground floor with the Next Big Thing. And where legitimate investing opportunities show up, so do the […]