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Passive Activity: A Tax Break for Investors

p>Being passive is not generally considered a positive trait, but as far as income tax is concerned, passive income gets breaks not afforded the active variety. That’s good news this tax season for income property investors, who can write off passive activity from their rental homes or multiplexes on this year’s taxes – one of […]


New Deductions Give Investors a Break

With tax season just around the corner, financial advisors and tax experts are recommending a little year-end financial housecleaning. For investors in income property, this means taking a look at existing and potential tax deductions before the end of the year. There may still be time to squeeze in a few more deductions before December […]


Making Taxes Work for You

Taxation has been a thorny issue plaguing the US since the nation’s birth. While people may disagree about who pays taxes, and how much they pay (or don’t), we’re all affected by taxation in ways large and small. Although taxes work against us most of the time, in some situations US tax laws offer some […]