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Terrorism Insurance? Yes — Sometimes

The toll of events such as last week’s Boston Marathon bombings runs high. The cost of the two homemade pressure cooker bombs exploded at the Marathon? Less than $500, according to some estimates. The cost of closing down Boston? About $333 million per day. That’s including lost income and wages, the expenses of a massively […]


Protecting Your Investment: Know the Limits of Coverage

The property owners and business people struggling to cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are now having to face the news of another storm bearing down on the battered Eastern Seaboard. If that isn’t enough, news that a small earthquake rattled parts of New Jersey in the early hours of November 5, 2012 set […]


Insurance Protects Investment Income

Even in a volatile market, rental income property remains a relatively low-risk investment, with the potential for long-term returns as long as tenants are in place to pay rents. But incidents can happen to create liability for an investor, or to cause a loss of property income for a period of time, which jeopardizes the […]