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Are Big Banks Winning the LIBOR Trials?

Fraud isn’t fraud if it’s done in the spirit of cooperation. That appears the be the message behind a ruling affecting the numerous lawsuits involving major US banks and charges of manipulating LIBOR (London interbank offered rates) daily ratings for fun and profit. This new ruling by a US District Court judge allows this group […]


Mortgage Fraud: A New Face on an Old Problem

Mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing financial crimes in the history of the United States. Although the robosigning scandal that followed the housing collapse of 2008-2011 was blatant enough to bring the illegal and abusive practices of major mortgage lenders into public awareness, new statistics show that fraudulent activity by the same practitioners […]


Short Sales: Fertile Ground for Fraud

The effects of the 2008-2011 housing collapse continue to be felt across the US, as foreclosures percolate through the courts and lenders, as homeowners struggle to make monthly mortgage payments. This shadow side of the rebounding housing market has spawned a number of frauds and scams preying on desperate homeowners – none, perhaps, more so […]