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AMA 23 – Harry Dent’s Outlook on Demographics, Debt, and Inflation

Narrator: Welcome to the American Monetary Associations Podcast where we explore how monetary policy impacts the real lives of real people and the action steps necessary to preserve wealth and enhance one’s lifestyle. Jason Hartman: Welcome to the podcast for the American Monetary Associations Podcast. This is your host, Jason Hartman, and this is a […]


AMA 22 – Marc Chandler: Making Sense of the Dollar

Has the dollar really lost its supreme place in the world? Listen in as host, Jason Hartman, discusses this subject with long time foreign exchange expert, Marc Chandler. In this episode, Chandler explains why so many are wrongly defining current conditions of both the dollar and the U.S. economy. Chandler joins us from Brown Brothers […]


The Dirty Little History Of Banking (Part II)

When last we left off with this encapsulated history of modern banking, there was no such thing as national coinage or currency – each individual bank produced its own money which, due to differing, values, didn't work well when it came to international trade. But then the year 1694 arrived on the scene, a date […]