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The National Debt Versus the Budget Deficit

It has come to our attention that there are some people out there in these slightly tarnished but still pretty darn good United States that are a little fuzzy about the difference between the national debt and budget deficit. Don't be ashamed to admit it. It's to the politicians' advantage that the average hardworking American […]


Foreign Aid – More Trouble Than It's Worth?

America's politicians have been sending billions of dollars overseas annually for so long that it has become a simple matter of course that the practice will continue. Occasionally a fiscal conservative voice in the wilderness is heard decrying the absurd level of foreign aid but mostly we hear a whole bunch of silence. But the […]


Ron Paul Says "End the Fed"

American Monetary AssociationAs America prepares to mark a full century since the creation of the Federal Reserve, Texas congressman Ron Paul recently christened the event by releasing his best work, End the Fed, in paperback version. Actually, it was released back at the end of September, 2010, but we’re only just now getting around to working up a full article about it.