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AMA 25 – James West: America’s Crime of the Century

Throughout the world, businesses are failing, families are losing their homes, their livelihoods and their futures. Is the financial system and its so-called leaders to blame? James West and his film, Crime of the Century, seek to illuminate the players, methods, history and present configuration of financial disaster that prevents the average citizen from investing […]


United States / China Summit – Thanks for the Bread and Circuses

While the only person on this planet naive enough to think a summit between the world’s two superpowers actually means anything might be Community Organizer in Chief (COC) Barack Obama, we must admit that trading words face-to-face is preferable to lobbing nuclear missiles over the horizon at one another. The spin doctor administration hacks can […]


America's Credit Rating Headed for a Fall?

The thought would have been unfathomable to previous generations but, for us at the American Monetary Association, we wonder why it hasn’t happened yet? We’re talking about our nation’s credit rating which, so far, continues to hold firm at the highest possible ranking, even though mutterings from two large credit rating services about our economic […]