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Old Houses Draw New Buyers

Some things get better with age. And while that’s a claim usually applied to fine wine and classic cars, it’s also proving true in the world of real estate, as sales of “vintage” houses – those built before 1990 – are boosting the housing recovery and related areas of the economy in markets around the […]


Post-Election Prognoses: Employment Benefits Housing

In the post-election analyses of What It All Means for the country’s future, economic trend watchers are keeping a close eye on the future of the recovering – but still struggling—US housing market. Based on existing conditions and expectations for the coming years, the health of the housing industry may be tied to an improving […]


Is There a US Housing Market?

A recent article in US News and World Report observes that the upswing in the US housing market is largely being fueled by a corresponding upswing in employment rates. As more people are able to find jobs or return to work after long layoffs, the story states, they’re more able to form households, purchase homes, […]