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Ace of base grounds his Chorizo Risotto in Latin comfort

Recent Staff Blog PostsCase closed on Madore’s silly park jobReport: NBA execs believe LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love likeliest big names to change teamsWestfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shopA look at
cheap ray bans dads by the numbersUsing berries to convert excess fat into calorie burning fatCamas placed third in Class 4A in WIAA Scholastic CupSmelt season to be proposedDeadline on school funding planGrayson named Mountain West Offensive MVPLogin Sign UpHere’s how smart Michael Schlow is about Latin cooking: The Boston chef restaurateur borrowed the notion of a paella sofrito that aromatic wonder base of sauteed vegetable bits to create a risotto.And it isn’t just any sofrito, but one that builds a sly, round heat on the shoulders of dried ancho chili pepper, fresh poblano, onion and house made chorizo. The dish has been served at his Tico in Beantown since its opening night in 2011, and it has become the go to bowl of comfort at the Tico in Washington.Few domestic culinary endeavors taste this rich and inviting with less than an hour’s work.Dice and seed 1 poblano chili pepper. Dice 1/2 onion. Cut 2 links (4 ounces total) of cured (cooked) chorizo in half lengthwise, then cut crosswise into thin half moons. Combine in a saucepan, along with a generous 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Stir to coat and bring to a boil over medium high heat, then reduce the heat to medium low; cook until the vegetables
cheap ray bans are tender.Add 1 cup arborio rice; stir for 1 minute to coat, then
fake ray bans add a pinch of fresh thyme leaves.Increase the heat to medium high; use a wooden spoon to stir in the first ladleful of 3 cups warmed no salt added chicken broth or vegetable broth. Cook until the broth has almost evaporated before adding the next ladleful. Repeat to use all the broth; the cooking should take 18 to 22 minutes total, and the rice should be creamy yet a little al dente.Stir in the ancho chili puree, 1 tablespoon unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons chopped scallion until well incorporated,
discount ray bans then stir in 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Taste and season lightly with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper if needed.Articles Connexes:


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Look Like A Movie Star With Ray

Every kid wants to be the hero of the movie. When we’re older, and we’ve realized stardom might be beyond most of us, we learn to want the next best thing: we want to look like the hero.

Clothes maketh the man, or so the old saying goes. While clothes might not be very good at acting, they do a great job of defining characters. An actor can put so much into a role, but it’s that combination of clothes, hats, shoes and such that combine to act as their signature. Icing the cake means getting the accessories right. Most important are the eyeglasses or sunglasses a character wears. It’s all about eyes the windows of the soul because that’s where we naturally look first. And so often, you’ll find that a character in sunglasses has covered their eyes with Ray Bans.

Sunglasses are a shield for guilty and innocent eyes alike, which is why they can add mystery to a part, and help to define the feel of a movie. Case in point the Ray Ban Wayfarer. Audrey Hepburn wore a pair to Breakfast
cheap ray bans At Tiffany’s. In 1992′s Reservoir Dogs, bad guys robbed banks in identical black suits with identical black sunglasses.

It’s a testament to the versatility of the Wayfarer design that while they seem to amplify the cold hearted depths of Harvey Keitel’s character as he fires away mercilessly at two cops, they manage to bring equal and opposite charm to the characters of Dan Akyroyd and John Belushi in the 1980 classic, The Blues Brothers, only adding to the sheer joy. (Movie geeks
cheap ray ban outlet will no doubt presume that both films feature men in black suits for a very good reason, but only Quentin Tarantino knows if there is one.)

Although the Blues Brothers boosted the Wayfarer’s image as a cultural icon, this didn’t translate into sales, and only 18,000 pairs were sold in 1981. Surprisingly, they were on the verge of being discontinued, but in 1982 Ray
discount ray bans Ban signed a $50,000 a year deal to secure product placements on the big and small screens, and from 1982 to 1987, Ray Ban sunglasses appeared in over 300 movies or TV shows.

During 1986 they showed up in high profile shows such as Miami Vice and Moonlighting, and then in John Hughes’ hit, The Breakfast Club. So is it all just hype and marketing? The cynic would say so, but if that was the
discount ray bans case, nobody would be wearing them anymore. Wayfarers have been around since 1951, have picked up enough fans to spawn numerous copycats, and have weathered the highs and lows of the popularity roller coaster. They may take a dip this year or the next, but rest assured they’ll always be back later.Articles Connexes:


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The bully the GOP has been waiting for

Now that he declared his candidacy, odds are Republicans will nominate Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president. They won be able to help themselves. If Hollywood put out a casting call for an anti Obama, Perry would get the role.

Democrats have been chortling about running against yet another swaggering Texas governor. Mother Jones blogger Kevin Drum explains why Perry can win:

too Texan in the Republican Party, not everyone is from the South and not everyone is bowled over by a Texas drawl. Perry is, by a fair amount, more Texan than George W. Bush, and an awful lot of people are
replica ray ban sunglasses still suffering from Bush fatigue. I think this is wrong. The cowboy archetype runs so deep in American culture that even George W. Bush couldn ruin it. Besides, the Connecticut rancher was a trust fund poser who rode bicycles, not horses. Deep down, everybody knew that. Now that he no longer president, Republicans no longer have to pretend they believe the brush cutting charade.

Perry, though, strongly resembles the Tommy Lee Jones of Dove. Never mind that while an authentic Texas roughneck, Tommy Lee was Al Gore Harvard roommate. It the symbolism that matters. Perry also has
cheap ray bans what appears to be a genuine mean streak. More than anything, Republicans who see a waffling centrist like President Obama as a dictator yearn to punish somebody.

Perry may be exactly the bully they seek. Even executing a seemingly innocent man almost everybody who looked into the case of Cameron Todd Willingham thinks so and then openly tampering with a commission charged with investigating the case, makes
fake ray bans him a hero to some.

takes balls to execute an innocent man, one hairy chested patriot famously told a focus group. I think that guy sends me weekly emails.

True, Perry has manifest liabilities. If Michele Bachmann can make an issue of his ill fated executive order requiring sixth grade Texas girls to be vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases, she got no business running. His scheme to build privately owned toll roads across Texas by giving out of state corporations the power to seize property by eminent domain represented the kind of crony capitalism that gave Mussolini a bad name.

Perry sectarian religiosity and loose talk about Texas seceding might not play among Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania voters whose ancestors fought to save the union. Calling Social Security an unconstitutional Ponzi scheme would doom most candidates, although it the kind of big talk that thrills them down at the Tea Party corral.

Even so, here the kind of anecdote people love about the Texas governor, narrated by Peter Boyer in the Daily Beast:

of the photographs that Texas Gov. Rick Perry keeps on his BlackBerry is a portrait of Aurora P. ( Perry, the family black Labrador Retriever, who last year acquired a key role in local Perry legend. The governor and the dog were out for an early morning jog when a coyote suddenly appeared, growling at Rory. Perry, who carries a Ruger .380 handgun in his belt when he jogs, pulled the weapon and shot the coyote dead. When some Austin locals protested that Perry reaction was excessive, and dangerous, he shrugged it off. attack my dog, he said, you might get shot.

Just like sissified Austin Democrats to whine about a dead coyote, right? Too bad there were no witnesses to Perry derring do. Because the story strikes me as either completely false or greatly exaggerated the kind of tall tale Sarah Palin might invent about herself. (The mighty huntress who needed six shots to hit a caribou that stood grazing like a cow.)

Out in the boondocks we live surrounded by coyotes. We hear them most nights and see them all the time
replica ray bans normally running, because they scared to death of my two Great Pyrenees, whose life goal is to tear a coyote to pieces. One time I saw Jesse, the big male, pile into two coyotes attacking my neighbor goat kids. He flung one about four feet, and then started after the second, which took off at warp speed. Jesse can run almost 25 mph. Those coyotes left him like he was standing still.

They have the identical reaction to a Labrador retriever. Coyotes are looking for a tasty Chihuahua or house cat, not a fight. They exceptionally wary predators that shun human contact. Stamp your feet and holler, as Perry says he did, and they vanish like smoke. My neighbor killed a coyote last winter with a scoped deer rifle at 100 yards. He was awfully proud of himself.

Maybe Perry encountered a terminally ill coyote too weak to flee. That the only way his story makes sense. More likely, I suspect, he saw one, snapped off a shot and imagined he must have hit it. Every hunter been there.Articles Connexes:

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Head of Seattle parks department resigning

SEATTLE The head of Seattle’s Parks and Recreation Department is resigning with a warning. Tim Gallagher says the real story isn’t his departure, but the budget crisis in the parks department.Gallagher has certainly attracted his share of criticism since he took his post in 2007. But he says people need to
replica ray ban sunglasses focus on what he calls the upcoming collapse of a great parks system and not his resignation.Gallagher has come
cheap ray bans under scrutiny over the years for his at times heavy travel schedule, particularly as the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department faces cuts of more than $10 million and possibly as many as 100 full time positions by the end of next year.Gallagher also sparked some perhaps unwanted attention in February when he instituted a ban on smoking in Seattle parks. It was a position he later changed to allow people to use tobacco only
replica ray bans if they are at least 25 feet away from
cheap ray bans another patron.But despite these issues, Gallagher insists the real issue is what he calls the upcoming collapse of a truly great park system due to those pending budget cuts.Articles Connexes:

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Support listings on BCClassified

Cache Creek Husky Travel Center Line Cook
cheap ray bans Employment Opportunity. Cache Creek Husky Travel Center is seeking a Line CookAvoid becoming a victim of scams and fraud! Beware
cheap ray ban outlet of any
fake ray bans deals involving wire transfers,
discount ray bans cashier checks, money orders, shipping, or any promises of transaction protection, certification or guarantees. Arrange to meet so the buyer can examine the item before payment. Be suspicious of too good to be true offers; there’s probably a catch. Send money before you have seen the item. Send an item before you have been paid.Well Known Classified Scams Cheap overseas phones iPhones etc Cheap Laptops Macbooks etc Cheap loans overseas Get rich programs Advance Funds Fraud Puppy ScamsThink, Be Smart and Don’t Be FooledTerrace Beach Resort Housekeeper Employment Opportunity. Terrace Beach Resort in Ucluelet, BC is presently accepting applications for the position of Housekeeper. This is a full time position, to start immediately. We provide excellent pay .Listed: Thu 06 18 2015CMH Heli Skiing Summer Adventurers Housekeepers Employment Opportunity. K2 Rotor Lodge is hiring Housekeepers. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. Apply in person with resume. Attention: Deb Hughes 217 Bear Street, BanffArticles Connexes:

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Jeremy Hart joins the drivers with alluring car numbers on the highways of Miami

It’s not actually her number on the red and yellow sticker, it’s the number of Auto Dates, a driver dating service for Florida’s singles. Set up 10 months ago in one of America’s most dangerous cities, the motorised matching service has wooed 700 members, at dollars 19 each all looking for a partner on the highways and interstates of the Sunshine State. The key is in their personal code number on the sticker. Admirers have to quote that to get access to the driver.

Erica hit the jackpot before she joined the club, when she was out cruising in her Mustang. In the neighbouring lane, driving a shiny Toyota Camry, was Cliff Dvorkin.

‘I saw his bumper sticker first,’ she purred. ‘I thought it was a neat idea. Then I saw him. I like professional looking men.’ Cliff, a twice divorced stockbroker, is also the founder of Auto Dates and when Erica called 770 0330, it
fake ray bans was the smooth talking Cliff she got on the other end. ‘Cliff normally fields the calls between members and callers, but this time it was him who was being called up,’ Erica said. Last week was the couple’s sixth month together.

A friend of Cliff’s used to run a similar organisation in California in the Seventies, but let it go under when he moved to Florida. In May, Cliff and his friend revived the idea in balmy South Florida, where there is little public transport and most people use their cars to get around. The partnership broke soon after starting up and now Cliff is the sole owner.

‘Miami is perfect for this. We spend a lot of time in traffic and often you spot someone you like the look of and wonder if they are single,’ he said. ‘If you see the Auto Dates sticker you’ll know they are looking and have a way of contacting them. A friend of mine met his wife by pulling her over in her car.’

Linda Simon, a Miami sex therapist, didn’t find a husband in traffic but she did come up with an idea for a guide to car dating for America’s 80 million singles. ‘I was in a gridlock and was casually checking out the other cars, but there was nothing appealing,’ she recounted. ‘Then, inching along in the next lane came this white BMW. I thought, this is for me, so I made contact. I had a large index card with ‘I LOVE YOUR CAR’ written on it. As he came by, I put the card up to the window and turned on some romantic music.’ Linda’s plot worked. ‘His name was Alfred. He was an ambitious lawyer but he thought my tactics were funny. We ended up dating for a while.’

Linda, 53, and her daughter, Robyn, are now Florida’s self appointed queens of driver dating. In February they will publish Love on a Two Way Street (Symon and Simon Publishing, dollars 9.95) a book blatantly aimed at women drivers keen to pick up tips on how to woo Mr Right when he is speeding along at 60mph three lanes away.

‘Once I spotted this great looking guy in a red Corvette and had no way of finding out who he was or where he lived.
fake ray bans It was so frustrating,’ moaned Robyn, 33, a television producer. ‘It was over in a flash and there was no way of stopping him. That was when I decided to do something about it.’

Robyn and her single mother now have virtually foolproof ways of ensnaring Miami’s male drivers techniques that make up the Basic Love Signals chapter of their book. They are not for the bashful.

‘Honk give this signal if you’re horny and want immediate attention. Use anywhere, anytime, even across a crowded intersection. Maybe followed by turn signals to indicate the prospective mate should follow you.

”Flash cards get a stack of large index cards and write down brief messages, such as ‘You’re cute’ or ‘Follow me’, and of course have one card with your phone number.

‘Parking lot pursuit go into a parking lot, find your perfect car and wait for the owner.

‘When all else fails try fender bending.’

In Miami, where staring at the idiot who just cut you up or giving ‘the bird’ to a highly charged Camaro driver packing a pistol, might mean a few rounds unleashed into your Honda, motorists drive a fine line between fraternising and confrontation. Isn’t hooting furiously at a stranger or even trying to ram him or her
cheap ray bans to grab their attention extremely risky?

Not according to Linda and Robyn. ‘Being in a car is no less risky than going to a bar. The car will tell you something about that person, in a bar you know nothing about the person you’re chatting to,’ Linda claims.

But Cindy Sessoms, 26, who spent six months going out with a man she had collared in a Miami restaurant car park said: ‘That was in the mid Eighties. I wouldn’t do that now, it’s too dangerous. Following someone in a car is not a good idea.’

Cliff Dvorkin is aware of the risks of promoting a public dating service in such a notorious area. ‘We never give out members’ phone numbers, all we do is pass on the caller’s number and it is then up to the member to call back, or not. We also recommend that couples meet for the first few times in a public place.’ Neither is the service solely heterosexual. ‘If a gay guy left a message we would pass it on.’

To put the service to the test, Nathan, a photographer, and I rented a bright red convertible Mustang for a 36 hour dating blitz. Cliff made us honorary members, giving us a sticker with our own code number. I was the first married member of the club. ‘Spouses don’t tend to like their partners joining,’ Cliff joked. ‘I can’t think why.’

Up and down I 95 we cruised, Ray Ban’s in place. We called the hotel to check for messages. ‘Howard Johnson’s Resort, can I help you?’ Candy, the receptionist, answered. I asked her, anything from Auto Dates. ‘Oooh, what’s that?’ she asked. We told her, which made her answer, in the negative, all the more embarrassing.

Maybe it was the car that was wrong. ‘A white Roller is the ultimate car,’ said Robyn, who drives a Subaru. ‘A red Ferrari reveals a fiery temperament and a blue Mercedes would be a sign of conservatism.’ And a red Mustang? ‘A bit girly,’ Robyn decided, before adding. ‘It has to be a total package, the guy has to be good looking, too.’

Cliff eased the swelling of my bruised ego. ‘Women get 55 per cent more calls than men,’ he announced. ‘Women here are really shallow, they go on looks like a guy in a Mercedes convertible.’

By nightfall we had given up, although the cover of darkness might have boosted our chances. That or a brown paper bag, or a bicycle. ‘You’d have to fall off in front of your dream woman to make her notice you on a bike,’ the mother and daughter daters commented.

In a day and a half, Nathan and I didn’t get one call. Thirty six hours is not long enough, even in fast and loose Miami. On the way to the airport we struck up
discount ray bans a conversation in a traffic jam with a lady driving a Cadillac. It was our closest call, ruined only by our opening gambit: ‘Thank you for not shooting us’. She was equally grateful.Articles Connexes:

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New assets will strengthen away

has completed the acquisition of all of Metro Paper Industries Inc.’s (MPI) Canadian tissue converting assets, located in Trenton, Ont., and Scarborough, Ont., for a total cash consideration of $23.5 million. The deal includes Metro’s entire North American Away From Home (AFH) customer base as well as a non compete agreement. and Canada.

are excited about the opportunity to add the complementary product lines to our growing AFH business and this acquisition will immediately provide
cheap ray ban outlet much needed additional capacity. As the AFH market leader in Canada, we are committed to building on our leadership position and driving our company forward," said Mario Gosselin, CEO, KPLP.

Metro Paper Industries is a privately held manufacturer of recycled paper products. According to the company’s web site, it operates a paper mill in Portneuf, Que., and supplies
cheap ray bans a wide range of disposable paper products, including table napkins, towels, tissue, lunch
fake ray bans bags and placemats.

Post A CommentDisclaimerNote: By submitting your comments you acknowledge that Pulp and Paper Canada has the right
replica ray ban sunglasses to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Please note that due to the volume of e mails we receive, not all comments will be published and those that are published will not be edited. However, all will be carefully read, considered and appreciated.Articles Connexes:

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Fake Ray Bans Sale Outlet Store

Ray Ban Sunglasses Fake Ray Bans are contemporary
fake ray bans and stylish offering a range of unique models to maintain wearers
replica ray bans standing out inside a crowd. Ray Ban is popular in the fashion industry for his or her clothing lines and for that celebrities who wear their own latest creations. You can Fake Ray Bans buy sunglasses with a number of different frame and zoom lens choices. For example, you are able to choose lightweight metal frames which come in different colors, and you will even choose to possess the lenses themselves accessorized along with crystal or red barrier. Also, cheap ray bans wraparound frame designs, aviator sunglasses styles, and frames with sq . You have the opportunity of choosing a variety of color options including red lenses with tortoise structures, green lenses with lotion frames, and purple contacts with tortoise frames. Chances are that might be a pair of RayBan shades that goes perfect together with your individual look. Fake Ray Bans The colors themselves are
cheap ray bans brilliant and advanced. They utilize the most recent safety technology to help to make their glasses both fashionable and practical. Every model of Ray Ban sunglasses offer 100 % UV protection from the sun to be able to protect against eye damage Fake Ray Bans due to direct exposure to the sun rays. They also use top quality, shatter proof plastics within their lenses in the unfortunate case of the accident. The quantity of celebrities seen wearing them attests for their classic styling and contemporary looks. Turn her
cheap ray ban outlet addiction to fashion to business and blogging. She is now Fake Ray Bans managing a site where she shares all about replica ray bans shop Fake Ray Bans stuff.Articles Connexes:

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Husband of Joyce Mitchell feels betrayed

The husband of Joyce Mitchell, the woman accused of helping two murderers escape a maximum security prison in upstate New York, feels betrayed, lost and is "looking for his life again," according to his attorney.

Lyle Mitchell had no clue his wife was involved in the elaborate prison break when the couple were first questioned by police, said his attorney Peter Dumas.

Only two days after the escape did Lyle Mitchell realize "that something is going on here" and confront his wife, who warned him that the escaped men had been plotting to kill him, Dumas said.

The inmates "had a plan to do harm to Lyle. She doesn’t agree with that. She doesn’t want Lyle hurt, and
fake ray bans I think that some threats were made to her from the inmates at that point," the lawyer said.

Joyce Mitchell, a prison tailor shop instructor, is now behind bars. She has pleaded not
cheap ray bans guilty to the two charges against her, a felony charge of promoting prison contraband and a misdemeanor charge of criminal facilitation.

She is accused of
replica ray bans sneaking hacksaw blades, chisels, drill bits, a punch and other contraband into the convicts’ hands.

But the tools did not come from Lyle Mitchell’s garage, according to Dumas, who said his client did an inventory and found none were missing.

"Apparently what he believes is she got them at the store," he said.

Police have asked Lyle Mitchell to think about any
discount ray bans unusual behavior by his wife in the days or months before the escape in the hope of finding new leads, Dumas said.

"I hate to use a cliche, but love is blind," the lawyer said. "And I think with him, he was just so happy with it that they rarely fought."

The couple spent a lot of time together. They had known each other for 21 years, were married for 14 years and both worked at the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Lyle Mitchell loved his job and knew the two convicted murderers, Dumas said. When suggestions arose two years ago that Joyce Mitchell was having a relationship with one of the killers, David Sweat, Lyle Mitchell confronted his wife and the inmate.

"Sweat had talked to him at that point in time because he works in the facility with her and said, ‘No, no, no there’s nothing going on,’ " Dumas said.

But there was an investigation into an inappropriate relationship between Joyce Mitchell and Sweat at the time, and the inmate was moved out of the tailor shop in 2013 to keep them separated, said Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie.

Lyle Mitchell is not standing by his wife and is not supporting any allegations of her innocence, but he wants to make sure she is not hurt, his attorney said.

"There is a big part of his life that he is wondering if it was a lie all the time," he said. "There is a big part of his life that’s gone now, pulled out from under him."

On Tuesday, Lyle Mitchell was face to face with his wife for the first time since her arrest. They spoke for an hour over a phone separated by glass, according to Clinton County Sheriff David Favro.

The couple raised Joyce Mitchell’s son, Tobey, who was adopted by Lyle Mitchell, Dumas said. Tobey asked Lyle Mitchell whether he is still going to be his father.Articles Connexes:

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Apprenticeship Training

Are you looking for a high paying job, without going into a mountain of debt? If so, one of the trades in our apprenticeship training program may be right for you. With a mixture of on the job work and technical experience, you be on your way. You spend about 80 percent of your time learning from a qualified tradesperson and the rest in specialized courses. Along with using the latest equipment, you be learning from the best. Our instructors have been named the best in the field for southern Alberta by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board for the last four years.

If you are looking for a future in agriculture and enjoy working with your hands to
cheap ray bans diagnose electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic problems, Lethbridge College Agricultural Equipment Technician program is the perfect fit. You learn to maintain, diagnose problems and repair or overhaul equipment such as tractors and harvesting equipment.

To be successful in the industry, you put many of your skills to use such as strength to lift heavy machine parts, flexibility in working hours, some experience in the agriculture industry, and your math, communication and computer skills.

When you working in the industry, you could find yourself travelling to farms for service calls or working in service centres. Take your agriculture and mechanical skills to another level with the Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship.

North Americans love their cars and when their favorite vehicle needs attention, they want to turn to someone they can trust to

provide the service they need. That where you come in.

As an Automotive Service Technician, you can provide preventative maintenance, diagnose faulty systems, and repair automotive vehicles and light trucks. You can diagnose and repair engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions, electrical and air conditioning systems. You even make sure the ride stays smooth through wheel balancing and alignment when needed.

The direction you choose to follow for your career could see you working in a large shop, specializing in repairing, rebuilding and servicing specific parts, like braking, suspension or steering systems. In smaller shops, Automotive Service Technicians may work on a wider variety of repair jobs, beginning by reading the work order and examining the vehicle.

It the type of career that can
discount ray bans be particularly rewarding if you enjoy doing precise work that is varied and challenging.

You train in small classes with lots of hands on practice. You also find that our shop facilities have state of the art tools and equipment that you will use to repair a wide variety of vehicles.

Similar Lethbridge College option: Automotive Systems a 32 week certificate program.

From major construction projects like bridges and buildings to small finishing touches a new homeowner can be proud of, carpenters have a wide range of career options available. You can put your skills and knowledge to use providing a service that continues to be in strong demand.

Keep your personal interests in mind as you set your goals as a carpenter. Your ability to read plans, select and measure materials, and coordinate projects can help ensure costly mistakes and omissions are avoided on the job site. Attention to detail will keep things from falling through the cracks. You can look forward to pursuing a range of opportunities or specializing in one type of work such as framing, concrete work or finishing work. You could work alone, in teams or with helpers. Whatever direction you take, you find the work rewarding if you take pride in creating a variety of things with your hands and honing your expertise in woodcraft.

At Lethbridge College, we provide you with the high quality training you want as part of your Carpenter apprenticeship. You relate well to our instructors as they share their practical experiences with you. You also appreciate our shops, which will give you access to the equipment and experience you need to succeed in your chosen field.

With the right combination of ingredients, training and skill, you can create magic in the kitchen. Lethbridge College has the recipe for your success with our Cook Apprentice program. You supply the enthusiasm and desire to achieve, and we supply the experience you need to keep your apprenticeship on the right track.

As a Cook Apprentice you will learn through observation, practice and study.

With the Weekly Apprenticeship Training System (WATS) at Lethbridge College, the training takes place with your needs in mind. One day a week is spent at the College gaining the formal experience vital to your culinary future. For the rest of the week you will be putting what you learned to practical experience on the job. It the perfect blend that allows you to pursue your education while continuing to earn an income.

From catering special banquets to preparing meals for large institutions to cooking up gourmet delights in an upscale restaurant, your Cook Apprentice training will prepare you for a host of opportunities. You will also benefit from Lethbridge College well deserved culinary reputation. Our instructors
replica ray bans have been recognized with everything from provincial to international awards for their skills. Their commitment to their craft is your guarantee of a quality experience at Lethbridge College.

Similar Lethbridge College option: Culinary Careers a 16 month diploma program.

If you thrive on the opportunity to use your skills in a variety of settings, a career as an electrician could really light up your future. Electricians install, alter, repair and maintain systems designed to provide heat, light, power, control, signal or fire alarms for all types of buildings, structures and premises.

You won find yourself stuck in an office somewhere as an Electrician. Depending on the direction your career follows, you can expect work conditions to vary with each job, especially in construction. Our instructors maintain close ties to industry to stay on top of trends and provide you with the best education for your investment.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 16 students
replica ray ban sunglasses which provides for a low student to instructor ratio and enhanced learning. Our modern facilities are well equipped and impeccably maintained.

Lethbridge College offers the electrician program to indentured apprentices through CBAT or Alternate Delivery.

The CBAT delivery method, which is for most apprentices, provides you with a flexible approach to your training. This option offers several advantages, including:Articles Connexes:

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Sheridan Without
discount ray bans Borders

Becoming "Sheridan Without Borders"

This year’s President’s Creative Challenge calls on faculty, staff, students and community members to create "Sheridan without borders." We’re looking for your most creative ideas for how to internationalize Sheridan in ways beyond simply recruiting international students. These small conferences will be hosted at Sheridan, and will allow participants to present their submissions using a poster style academic format. To help with preparation for the submissions, the PCC 2014 team has developed a short video tutorial that explains basic elements of style and guidelines for poster presentations at the mini conferences.

As a first step towards your submission, the PCC team will be accepting a one page summary
cheap ray ban outlet of the interested individual / group’s proposal until April 15th, 2015. The proposal summary should include
fake ray bans the following:

Preferred location, date and
cheap ray bans time for presentation (April 20th at Trafalgar or May 1st at Davis)

Title of the proposal

Individual’s name or the group name specifying the members and the department they represent

Group contact person with contact details

Executive Summary of the proposal (two three paragraphs explaining the proposal in some detail)

Rough Budget outline of the proposal

Metrics and parameters used to measure the success of the proposal if implementedGiven the nature of this year’s Challenge, it’s understandable that a submission may include external participants. Internationalization ideas may include partnerships with community groups, international institutions, research partners or international aid organizations, to name a few. The sheet will answer some of your basic questions regarding the Challenge and participation.Articles Connexes:

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Titan’s Fastrack on comeback trail

It’s one of those meetings where the host shows up late. You want to look down at your watch again but choose to look around, instead. If you want to know what time it is, you couldn’t have chosen a better spot a showroom of watchmaker Titan.

Vying for attention between the usual array of dignified, restrained steel and gold watches is an eye
fake ray bans catching display of trendy, young time pieces. The riot of colours belongs to Titan’s youth brand, Fastrack, and it’s been carefully crafted to draw all eyes to it.

In the past five months, Titan has released two television commercials for Fastrack, the first in 18 months, and is planning extensive activities at college functions and other youth centric activities.

"We’re relaunching Fastrack as India’s first youth oriented watch brand," says Bijou Kurien, chief operating officer, Titan Industries, when he finally arrives at the showroom.

But Fastrack was always for the youth. When the brand was launched in 1998, it was positioned as "Cool watches from Titan".

cheap ray bans was to counter Timex, which had just walked out of the Titan family," says an industry watcher. The brand did well, initially. Its turnover crossed Rs 15 crore (Rs 150 million) in the first year itself, and had grown to Rs 25 crore (Rs 250 million) by 2001 02.

Then time seemed to stand still. Sales were stagnating and it didn’t look as if Fastrack would breach the Rs 25 crore (Rs 250 million) barrier.

Titan swung into action quickly, repositioning the brand along the lines of another Bangalore based company, Madura Garments. Like Allen Solly’s Friday Dressing apparel range, Fastrack was slotted as a mix of formal and casual, aimed at executives in the 22 to 25 year age group.

The ageing of the target customer was important; Fastrack had previously positioned itself as a college goer’s watch; but students at least, back then weren’t known for their high disposable incomes, unlike young executives.

The repositioning didn’t help: by 2003 04, sales had dropped to Rs 23 crore (Rs 230 million). "We were constantly refreshing our designs, but our sales were stagnant," recalls Kurien. The trouble lay with the price. At the time, Fastrack watches cost between Rs 1,200 and Rs 2,700, which didn’t encourage too many repeat purchases.

"The focus began shifting away from watches. The brand was instead extended into sunglasses, with the launch of Fastrack Eye Gear in June 2004. Here, Titan was following the strategies of big watch companies like Swatch and Seiko, who have branched out into personal accessories as well.

"The brand extension was a carefully thought out exercise, based on in house research by Titan. The findings of the research? Cellphones, deodorants, sports shoes, sunglasses and handbags were most popular accessories for youngsters.

While mobiles, fragrances and footwear seemed too unconnected with Titan’s core competence, handbags were an expensive proposition, involving the need for several collections every year.

Eyewear, then, seemed the most logical brand extension. "Fastrack is addressing the same consumer for both watches and sunglasses because both products are about style and not function, whereas something like a handbag is both functional and stylish," says Harminder P Sahni, principal and associate director, retail and annuities practice, KSAThere was another reason, too. The eyewear market in India at the time was skewed. While the top end was dominated by designer originals and upscale brands such as Ray Ban, with prices starting at a steep Rs 2,000, the grey market was characterised by shoddy rip offs that could be had for as little as Rs 200.

An obvious gap existed in the market, and Fastrack decided to fill it, launching its branded sunglasses at a middle price level: Rs 695 1,895 a pair. "We want to give young people a fashionable product of good quality that is yet affordable," says Kurien.

If the numbers provided by Titan Industries are an indicator, the extension has helped. In the last fiscal, Fastrack’s combined turnover was Rs 36 crore (Rs 360 million): Rs 23 crore (Rs 230 million) from watches and Rs 13 crore (Rs 130 million) from sunglasses.

This brand is confident of hitting Rs 75 crore (Rs 750 million) this year, with sunglasses expected to fetch Rs 25 crore (Rs 250 million) and watch sales accounting for Rs 50 crore (Rs 500 million).

While successful in its own right, the brand extension has also helped the cause of the mother brand, helping Fastrack gain more visibility and creating more distribution options.

At present Fastrack watches sells only through the Titan retail outlets. But company executives say that the time pieces will soon follow the eyewear into retail channels like Music World not a conventional retail outlet for watches.

Meanwhile, the watches themselves have gone in for a makeover. Earlier, Fastrack was known for its steely look, emphasising that it was sturdy and long lasting.

But the company’s research shows that young consumers as disposable incomes in the hands of the young increases, Fastrack is again positioning itself as a college goer’s brand have other things on their minds, like plastic and bright colours.

"Customers are more conscious about the look, rather than the material of the watch," Kurien says. So the new Fastrack watches are made of plastic, steel or a combination of both.

The new avatar also aims for a larger share of the Rs 2,800 crore (Rs 28 billion) watch market (source: KSA). Working on the premise that more than half of the watch market (53 per cent, to be exact) is
fake ray bans in the Rs 501 2,500 price band, Fastrack has downgraded its price points from Rs 1,200 1,700 to Rs 500 2,000.

Thanks to the foray into eyewear, the watch manufacturer already knows that
cheap ray bans that is a strategy that works.

Titan’s also earmarked Rs 8 crore (Rs 80 million) for Fastrack’s advertising. The recent campaigns are aimed at students in the 16 to 22 year age group, belonging to SEC A and B, in the top 30 towns. The communication promotes the idea that owning several watches is acceptable, if not required behaviour.

"Fastrack’s biggest competition is the mindset ‘I don’t need another watch’ and changing it to ‘Hey, I must have another watch’. That’s what the campaign does," says Vikram Satyanath, vice president, Lowe, the ad agency that’s created the Fastrack campaigns.Articles Connexes:

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Barbarism in the American Soul

t is an odd day to be looking out at Our Nation’s Capital, cherry blossoms lost in the murk and the gloom, from the steps of the Senate side of the Capitol building. It has been an odd week in Our Nation’s Capital. It has been a week in which the national government, responding to the will of practically nobody, has determined on its own that our society will tolerate a level of violence in it that is beyond the reach of the national government to do very much about. Moreover, it has been a week in which, by means subtle and overt, the national government has determined which types of violence our society must tolerate in order to remain the freest country in the world. It has done so quite on its own. It has done so against the expressed will of the vast majority of the people out in a country as expressed in the only way they can, now that elections have been determined to have very few real consequences in regard to the levels and types of violence that our society must tolerate in order to remain free. They have told the pollsters, over and over again, because, as far as the violence in America is concerned, the pollsters are the only people listening.

Earlier this week, the report of a nonpartisan commission was released detailing the fact that, in contravention of international treaties freely signed, and in contravention of over 200 years of formal and informal precedent, the United States enthusiastically constructed and ran a regime of torture in the wake of the attacks of Septenber 11, 2001. The 577 page report’s description of the violence that the national government committed in the name of its people was quickly devoured by the endless news cycle created by the murderous bombing of the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Then, on Wednesday, as a perfect statement of what the national government of the United States believes that the people of the United States will have to tolerate in order to remain free, the Senate refused even to vote on the diluted Manchin Toomey compromise on regulating the country’s firearms. We congratulate ourselves on our ability to take events like Boston in stride. We congratulate ourselves on recognizing that certain forms of barbarism are intolerable in
cheap ray bans an advanced democracy. But given a choice truly to take things in stride, to be as indomitable as we say we are, by maintaining our principles in the face of that barbarism, we allow the waterboard and the black site to replace the rule of law, wink at barbarism by memorandum, by legal opinion, by political sophistry.

The bomb goes off and we vow to move heaven and earth to catch the barbarian. We take all the wounds onto ourselves. We bargain for time shares on Golgotha. We congratulate ourselves on making so measured a choice. Then we go back to slaughtering each other on the streets because that’s what we have to tolerate on order to remain free. We are a curious people that way.

I wish I believed it was just all about money. Then Gabrielle Giffords, Michael Bloomberg and the other millionnaires lining up on the other side would have a fighting chance. I wish I believed that it was just all about power, and the threat of losing elections, because then the money now lining up on the other side could even the odds. But I don’t believe it is. There is a strong, coherent bloc in this building that believes that a certain level of violence is so inherent in this country that it is shielded absolutely by the Constitution, and that it is so essential to who we are as a people that to try to control it let alone eliminate it weakens our national institutions and blights our national
discount ray ban sunglasses character. There is nothing Machiavellian about this. It is what people believe is part of what makes America what it is. It is an essential article of faith. It is unshakable. It is implacable. And it is triumphant.

Make no mistake. That is what was determined down there this week among the bright, white buildings. There is a barbarism in the American soul and we must protect some of it by law. To root it out is to endanger our lives on the one hand, and our liberty on the other. We must tolerate the barbarism of the black sites to stay alive, and we must tolerate the occasional mass shooting in order to maintain our liberty. We will find the barbarian who killed and maimed the people along Boylston Street in Boston because his barbarism was not sanctioned, nor was it sanctified by law. That is the simple basic equation of where we are right now.

Gabrielle Giffords was told this. The families of the children of Newtown were told this. The 91 percent of the American people who want something that they now have no hope of getting were told this, The president of the
replica ray ban sunglasses United States, fairly shaking with impotent anger in the Rose Garden, was told this. We are a violent people. We are an armed people. We are a people intent on permitting mayhem and slaughter. We are a people intent on providing the means for mayhem and slaughter. And because of all of this, we
discount ray bans are a free people. It is an odd day to be looking down at Our Nation’s Capital, where barbarism has become so tailored and manicured, and so utterly unremarkable. We might as well speak honestly about it. We might as well speak about it here.Articles Connexes:

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Young Irish designer grabs attention of political elite in US

Laura Jayne Halton (29) was over the moon when her design was worn by Ireland’s first woman Ambassador to the US
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet during the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Anne Anderson wore the custom made olive green design as she spent
fake Michael Kors the day escorting Taoiseach Enda Kenny to high profile meetings. The day saw the Ambassador socialising with America’s political leaders including a White House event with President Obama.

Much to the delight of the designer, the dress was also
cheap Michael Kors featured in the ‘Washington Post’ newspaper’s ‘Style’ section after the new Ambassador cut a dash during the festivities.

"She’s the type of woman I love to dress, strong and confident. She’s Ireland’s first woman Ambassador and President Obama referenced that in his speech. It was such an honour to dress her," she added.

The designer, based in Maynooth, Co Kildare, revealed how
Michael Kors handbags outlet creating the dress came down to the wire after the Ambassador only
discount Michael Kors made contact a matter of weeks ago.

"I was really flattered she wanted me to dress her but it led to all nighters and some panic. She basically wanted a daywear piece which was suitable for meetings but also to extend into evening events. So we went with an olive green woolen cashmere design.

"I got to work immediately, finished it on Monday, fed exed it Tuesday and she wore it
Michael Kors handbag outlet on Friday. She emailed me saying she was delighted with the piece. She couldn’t believe
discount Michael Kors how good the fit
cheap Michael Kors was considering we hadn’t met. She sent me her measurements and we worked off sketches," she added.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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your pricey booze is no longer the priciest

can tell you that we are in the preliminary stages of determining pricing changes, was a statement by Manitoba Liquor Control Commission in April, but booze bosses across the country have echoed similar words since Dec. 2011.

That when the Sun last conducted an informal survey of liquor prices across the provinces, finding that Alberta was at the pinnacle for hard plonk like vodka, and in a tie with Nova Scotia for having the most expensive beer
replica Michael Kors outlet in Canada.

It was a disgrace that started in 2008, when a province that used to boast the cheapest booze in Canada was suddenly taxed to the max.

By 2009, then premier Ed Stelmach had Alberta citizens paying the highest alcohol prices in Canada and it taken five years for the rest of Canada to finally catch up and surpass us in sin taxes.

Saskatchewan, it your crown now, and you
fake Michael kors handbags outlet welcome to it.

That where a case of domestic beer Blue or Canadian, for example will set you back $24.99, including taxes
replica Michael Kors handbags and deposit.

Alberta, based on calls to a handful of liquor stores in Calgary and Edmonton, is selling the same dozen bottles for an average of $23.02 which is actually a few cents cheaper than the price quoted for the Sun last survey.

Saskatchewan isn alone. Newfoundland now charges $23.99 for a case of domestic beer, following a price hike in March.

order to make the budget number for this year, we felt we had to put the prices up, Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corp. CEO Steve Winter told
cheap michael kors reporters, reading a script all too familiar to Albertans.

Nova Scotia did the same in April, boosting beer to $23.49 a case, while Prince Edward
fake Michael Kors Island is now charging $23.50 for a dozen.

Hard liquor is no longer Alberta albatross either, with the $25.47 we pay on average for 750 ml of Bacardi now surpassed by Saskatchewan $25.50, Newfoundland $26.19, and Nova Scotia whopping $27.98 price tag.

But what about bars? Booze sold in a public house has always been way more expensive than take out tipple and with patio season bringing Albertans out of hibernation, the high price of
Michael Kors handbags outlet a pint can be hard to bear.

But again, it seems we can no longer cry in our ale over the highest prices in the country.

A survey of beer prices in the main entertainment districts of major cities (meaning the most expensive) shows Calgarians are paying in the range of $6.70 for domestic beer, while cities like Montreal, St. John and Victoria are charging between $7.25 and $7.75 for the same.

The cheapest pint, based on calls to bars on the busiest strolls, was in Halifax, at $5.75 for 20 oz. of Keith followed by Charlottetown and Winnipeg, where pints of regular beer could be had for $6.

Imports are another story: Edmonton and Calgary charge between $8.50 and $8.75 for a pint of Guinness, a price that hit $8.85 in Saint John and $9 in Victoria.

It something of a bittersweet celebration for Alberta that has nothing to do with
replica Michael Kors handbags hops and everything to do with punitive taxes on booze.

Our prices are no longer the highest, but those who watch taxes wonder for how long the provincial government will leave Alberta prices alone.

predicted last year they were going to raise sin taxes, but they backed off, being a pre election year, and so I thought it would happen this year, and they backed off again, said Scott Hennig, vice president communications for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Samsung Galaxy F first live photo appears

replica Michael Kors outlet
Michael Kors handbag outlet Galaxy F, the more premium version of the Galaxy S5 flagship, has been in the rumorlands since forever. All the rumors have a few things in common a metal chassis, a QHD display and
cheap Michael Kors Snapdragon 805
michael kors handbags outlet chipset with 3GB of RAM.

The Galaxy F has leaked already in official like renders, alleged live pictures showing super thin bezels, and confirming some interesting details, including the possible release date.

As you can see the frame is quite
fake Michael kors handbags outlet similar to the iPhone 5/5s one, while the front looks the same as the Galaxy S5. According to our insider source, the Galaxy F is very similar with the Galaxy S5, with a removable plastic back but with aluminum frame identical with the latest iPhones.

As usual you should take this photo with a healthy
cheap Michael Kors pinch of salt. There’s no way to guarantee the authenticity of the image before Samsung actually goes ahead and announces the device. The good news is that with all those leaks lately, that moment can’t be too far away now.

We also want to remind you Samsung did announce an upgraded version of the Galaxy S5 with QHD display and Snapdragon 805 chip the Galaxy S5 LTE A. The smartphone is intended only the South Korean market though and won’t premiere outside of Samsung’s homeland.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Andrew Perea is football player of the year

Perea enjoyed one of the better seasons in recent memory, accounting for more than 3,000 yards and leading to Dons to their first league title in 17 years. For his efforts, Perea is Daily News Player of the Year.

played phenomenal and had a great season, said El Rancho coach Vinnie Lopez, whose team was 8 3. off to him. His numbers are a reflection of what the team did. The offensive line was great up front, and we had four outstanding receivers that made plays.

PHOTOS: Meet the 2014 Whittier Daily News all area team

had a fantastic year
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet and we are really proud of the things he did. But like everything, it a
cheap michael kors team sport. Perea was no doubt the focal leader. He proved to be a double edge sword for opposing defenses, who had to pick their poison when they faced the Dons. As a passer he ranked among the area leaders, throwing for 2,275 yards and 20 touchdowns. But he also added a running dimension, rushing for 828 yards and 14 scores for 34 touchdowns on the season.

Michael Kors outlet took advantage of Lopez spread offense scheme.

I just gained more confidence in myself and the offense, Perea said. just relied on my receivers, my linemen, everybody. You need everybody to win the game. was steady all season. He threw for 200 yards or more six times, led by 418 yard, four touchdown effort against rival La Serna. The Dons secured a 42 35 victory over the Lancers. It gave them a foothold on the Del Rio League and set up the team run to their first league title since 1997.

was a great win that night, Perea said. lot of guys stepped up and a lot of guys knew we had to get that game to win the league title this year. We just came out and got the job done. Isaac Mendibles, Montebello, Junior

There was nothing complex about the Montebello High School football team offensive gameplan this season.

It centered around senior running back Isaac Mendibles, who despite being a marked man still manage to lead the area in rushing en route to helping the Oilers to a the Almont League title and a spot in the Mid Valley Division quarterfinals for the second consecutive season.

For his efforts, Mendibles is Daily News Offensive Player of the Year.

Mendibles was a rushing machine, leading the area with 1,943 yards and 24 touchdowns.

couldn do it without my line, Mendibles said. worked hard, and were a lot stronger at the end of the year. Next year,
fake Michael Kors it going to be a lot better. would be difficult to imagine, considering how good it was for Mendibles this season. He rushed for at least 100 yards in 10 of the Oilers 12 games, while also breaking 200 yards three times, including running for 336 and six touchdowns in a 49 16 victory over Mark Keppel in October.

Also adding to Mendibles success is the what Montebello did as a team. The Oilers recovered from a 1 4 start to begin the season with sixth consecutive wins en route to the Almont League title. They beat La Puente 24 17 to open the playoffs before losing to Northview in the second round.

a great accomplishment for the school (to win league in back to back seasons), Mendibles said. was only the second time in school history. The team did great.

was hard (during the start), but we grew as one. We moved on and got stronger.

The senior, who played the previous two seasons at outside linebacker, moved inside this season and he followed with a dominant season. Palacios proved to be a force for the Dons, keying their best season in 17 years. For his efforts, Palacios is Daily News Football Defensive Player of the Year.

is a three year guy for us, El Rancho coach Vinnie Lopez said.
cheap Michael Kors handbags really had him out of position the past two years because we had (league) defensive player of the year Jesus Verduzco playing middle linebacker. This year, moving Adrian to the middle of the field was just perfect. Any play C gap
Michael Kors handbags outlet to C gap, he was downhill on it. We a run heavy league, so
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet we have to real physical, defensively, and that what Adrian brought to the table. He also had two interceptions. He also played his
Michael Kors handbag outlet best late, averaging 13 tackles in the team last five games, including 21 vs. California.

was excited moving from outside to middle, Palacios said. knew it would be a very difficult thing to do, but I pulled it off. I glad I got the award. It a shout out to all my teammates. he also knows that the togetherness that keyed El Rancho run to its first league title since 1997.

was a great year, Palacios said. was all the brotherhood we had for each other. We really got after it during practice and got better every day, and as the league went on, we got stronger and stronger. OF THE YEARArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Georgetown Virginia Mountain Bike Trails

Scenery includes splendid views of the wide Potomac River, forests, and mountains. Great Falls is one of the most dramatic outdoor scenes east of the Rockies. The C Canal Towpath is one of the nation’s most historic and spectacularly scenic cycling trails. The 12 foot
michael kors handbags outlet wide path follows what remains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Exploring the towpath by mountain bike is a perfect way to enjoy the park. Two companions are always with you the wide Potomac River on one side and the canal on the other. In the summer you can take rides on mule powered barges just like when the canal was in its heyday 150 years ago. While the path is nearly flat, a wide range of surfaces packed
Michael Kors handbags outlet gravel, sand, wooded boards, and sections of dirt littered with rocks and tree roots greet riders. Flat? Yes; always smooth? No. There is great scenery that greets you at nearly every subtle bend in the trail. Forested islands in the Potomac, rock cliffs rising over the canal, glimpses of wildlife, and fieldstone buildings, locks, and aqueducts are other sights to enjoy along the towpath. Scenery includes splendid views of the wide Potomac River, forests,
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet and mountains. Great Falls is one of the most dramatic outdoor scenes east of the Rockies. The C Canal Towpath is one of the nation’s most historic and spectacularly scenic cycling trails. The 12
replica Michael Kors handbags foot wide path follows what remains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Exploring the towpath by mountain bike is a perfect way to enjoy the park. Two companions are always with you the wide Potomac River on one side and the canal on the other. In the summer you can take rides on mule powered barges just like when the canal was in its heyday 150 years ago. While the path is nearly flat, a wide range of surfaces packed gravel, sand, wooded boards, and sections of dirt littered with rocks and tree roots greet riders. Flat? Yes; always smooth? No. There is great scenery that greets you at nearly every subtle bend in the trail. Forested islands in the Potomac, rock cliffs rising over the canal, glimpses of wildlife, and fieldstone buildings, locks, and aqueducts are other sights to enjoy along the towpath.

I just completed 141 miles from Cumberland to Harper’s Ferry with twin 7 yr old sons, riding 7 days, camping 5 nights at Hiker/Biker sites. Specifically, while the double track is in pretty good shape, within 3 days of rain you’ll be seeing hundreds of mud puddles per day, 80% of which you can ride around, 20% you can’t. This trip is made for hybrids, although between a road bike and pure mountain bike, I’d take the latter if you could carry enough gear. The C is infamous for breaking all things aluminum and thin and fast. Every fourth road bike biker has a broken parts story.

Upsides: Free swimming, stone pebble beaches, etc. in the Potomac about every other night; free campsites, almost all with free water, benches, river views, ready firewood, and almost always complete privacy.

For three of our seven total days out, above
fake Michael Kors mile 125, we didn’t see a single soul on the trail, although at general stores just off the towpath we’d sometimes see day riders. Even the weekdays before Labor Day the towpath was utterly person less good for us, but I’d expected 20 through riders a day. We didn’t see more than 15 20 through riders over the whole week and 141 miles. Many of those were going all the way to Pittsburgh, a 350 mile run.

To summarize: This is one hell of a ride, and the only one I know of in the country of its length and beauty that children or anyone averse to traffic would love, but you and your bike both have to be fairly tough, and you should be pretty good at camping because generally, you have one resupply chance per day and that’s it. And
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet sometimes not even one.

Oh yeah if you can’t handle walking the bike through a totally dark medieval 3200 foot abandoned canal tunnel the Paw Paw tunnel then skip this trip. I don’t think one in two adults can go through that thing without getting the heebie jeebies.

Trail runners. Use C canal in Georgetown in connection with Battery Kimble, Glover
Michael kors handbags outlet Archibald and Rock Creek parks to create some great urban trail running. Start off at Mile 0 and enjoy 3.3 miles of easy, flat, packed dirt along the canal to Fletcher Boat House. Use the tunnel in the parking lot to connect to Battery Kimble Park where you will climb up for about a mile (crossing a street) to the Wesley Heights trail. Take that to
cheap Michael Kors handbags Glover Arhibald trail (where it ends) and turn left. At Whitehaven trail, turn left and follow it to Rock Creek Park. Turn right and go back to Mile 0. Total time about 1:20. Only paved part in the last section along Rock Creek.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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and boxer Floyd Mayweather brawl in Vegas

and Mayweather
replica Michael Kors handbags apparently fought in Las Vegas over the weekend, and not at a bar or in the boxing ring at a Fatburger restaurant. Entertainment news siteHipHopStanhas what it says is video of the incident. who approached Mayweather at the restaurant
cheap michael kors and started the fight, and chairs were thrown at one point, with a Fatburger employee getting
cheap Michael Kors outlet cut.

Mayweather apparently spoke with blogsite Necole Bitchie about the incident, sayingCottleand her friend wanted to
replica Michael Kors handbags come to his fight. and Tiny have been
Michael Kors handbags together since around 2001 and married since 2010.

Michael Kors outlet on Facebook

Sticker shock: Bacon, other pork prices risingFather relieved after wife in coma gives birth to healthy baby boy7 tons of hummus recalled from Target, Trader JoesJudge orders release of man who admitted raping 40 women7 places you should never use your debit cardMore popular and trending storiesOur Partners

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you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and understand your
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When Nawaz Sharif gave Bill Clinton a hard time over Kargil

When Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visits the White House on Wednesday, it will be his first encounter with an American president since that turbulent meeting with Bill Clinton when the Kargil war was raging 14 years ago.

For a President battered
cheap Michael Kors handbags by the United States Congress, the media and his critics in his second term over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton still remembers his July 4, 1999 meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as his ‘most ferocious encounter in politics bar none.

Through his presidency, Clinton and one of his oldest friends, the historian Taylor Branch, met late at night and discussed the president’s experiences to create for ‘future historians an unfiltered record of presidential experience.’

Branch and Clinton met whenever the leader of
discount Michael Kors the free world had the time to discuss the president’s thoughts and feelings on the business he had conducted that day or week.

The Clinton Tapes, A President’s Secret Diary (Simon Schuster, 2009) is an unusual tapestry of history, granting the reader a rare glimpse of eight years of the Clinton administration.

On Pages 560 561 of the book comes the zinger on Nawaz Sharif, a meeting that ended the Kargil War and saved thousands of lives on the Indian and Pakistani sides.

Clinton told Branch that he had not invited Sharif to Washington. ‘Sharif had invited himself to
fake Michael Kors Washington and Clinton had explicitly told him not to come,’ Branch writes.

‘"Your army is in the wrong here," he told Sharif. Clinton could not mediate the Kashmir crisis without the consent of both warring nations and India adamantly refused,’ Branch continues.

‘The Indians saw nothing to mediate. They were winning militarily, and Kashmir belonged to India, period.’

After Sharif flew to Washington, ignoring Clinton’s advice, the president cancelled some of his July 4 engagements. Remember, Americans like to take the day off and celebrate their Independence Day.

He refused to receive Sharif at the White House, and met the Pakistani prime minister in the library at Blair House, across
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet the street from his home.

‘Clinton put his position bluntly,’ Branch writes, ‘If Sharif withdrew Pakistani troops from Kashmir, the United States would express relief without praise. If Sharif refused to withdraw, the United States would be forced to shift its historic alliance with Pakistan publicly towards India.’

‘For hours, said the president, Sharif’s delegation invented trick language to suggest that Clinton somehow blessed a Pakistani withdrawal.’

‘Or that Pakistan itself need not need to withdraw, because the fighters in Kashmir were really mujahideen fighters disguised as soldiers rather than vice versa,’ Branch recalled.

Angered by Sharif’s obstinancy, Clinton asked aides on both sides to leave and met with the Pakistani prime minister alone.

He told Sharif forcefully that the Kargil conflict was not a border skirmish, it had the potential to set off a nuclear war. When the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 occurred, Clinton said, the US and the Soviet Union had more information about each other’s nuclear arsenal than India and Pakistan had in
Michael Kors handbags outlet 1999.

Your brinkmanship, Clinton told Sharif, could set off nuclear exchanges.

Sharif was relentless. Surrender for him, he told Clinton, was worse for him than war.

He could either order a nuclear war as a patriot, Branch wrote, or risk being overthrown by Pakistan’s army chief, General Pervez Musharraf.

Kargil was Musharraf’s handiwork, but the Pakistani people would not tolerate a withdrawal from Kargil.

‘Sharif could yield to Clinton only by baring his neck to Musharraf,’ Clinton
michael kors handbags outlet told Branch of their exchange.

So be it, Clinton said. Sharif, as head of the government, would have to withdraw, and cover himself however he could.

Clinton told Branch that ‘their argument, which consumed Independence Day, was his most ferocious encounter in politics bar none.’

Three months and eight days after his meeting with Clinton that resulted in the
replica Michael Kors outlet end of the Kargil War Nawaz Sharif was overthrown by
cheap Michael Kors General Pervez Musharraf in a coup.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: