Jason Hartman’s American Monetary Association & Its Life-Changing Advice

In a world full of non-profit ventures, the American Monetary Association founded by Jason Hartman is continuously active and willing to help people understand the effects of today’s US monetary policy and the government’s actions on inflation, deflation as well as general freedom.

Jason Hartman


The truth is, when terms like inflation and deflation are thrown around, people get confused about their meaning. This is precisely why the American Monetary Association and Jason Hartman himself founded the Jason Hartman podcast – as a guide for something that should be easily understood by the public.


Jason Hartman’s American Monetary Association: Your Source Of Financial Education In A Nutshell

Since everyone nowadays is affected by the economy, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to see and hear what’s going on. By listening to the Jason Hartman podcast, you will get a better scope of the financial strategy of the United States – as well as actionable advice on how to control your finances with today’s rapidly changing economy.


The American Monetary Association focuses on inflation, deflation and freedom. This refers to the part that the everyday listener sees and feels – and something that affects all of us. The law of supply and demand applies to currencies as well, which is why the value of the dollar is changing and affects everyone.


The “Purchasing Power”: How The American Monetary Association And Our Podcast Can Help You Control Your Expenses?

So, the best way to describe what inflation and deflation are all about is through the “Purchasing Power”. For example, if the inflation rate is active and growing every year, people will buy less and less stuff.

Nowadays, we all want to keep as much of what we earn as possible. Hence, everyone’s budget should be adjusted appropriately and why monetary inflation is a topic that should concern everyone.

Whether you are looking for ways to increase your income or spend less to compensate, the American Monetary Association along with the Jason Hartman Podcast can both be your daily sources of information about generating additional revenue, investing as well as beating the inflation in the best ways possible.


Your Personal Financial Advisor

The majority of our readers already agreed that the American Monetary Association, as a non-profit venture, is the perfect form of a personal financial advisor that can make recommendations and give you advice which is not limited to any markets.


Thanks to inflation, doing nothing means that you are losing money over time. And that is precisely why you should listen to the Jason Hartman Podcast, read our blog at the American Monetary Association website and take charge of the situation.


Now is the best time to start making educated decisions – and protect your money from inflation. Now is the best time to gain financial freedom and safeguard your investments. And now is the best time to sign up to our website and receive advice from professionals, weekly rounds of content and helpful insights – all through our exclusive newsletter!

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