Jason Hartman And His 3 Lessons On Investing

Jason Hartman Investing adviseAt the American Monetary Association, we are more than delighted to have one of the best investing mentors as our exclusive coach. We are talking about Jason Hartman, a real estate professional that has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions and has owned properties in 11 states and 17 cities.


As the founder and CEO of the Platinum Properties Investor Network, Jason Hartman is always publishing his advice on investments, market moves, strategies and financial freedom. Today, we are summing up his three main lessons on investing – and what you can do to make most of them.


1. Do Your Research

The first rule that Jason Hartman shares about investing is quite simple – you always need to do your research. Before going big, Jason always did his research and spent hours on analyzing the actual value of a property, its potential return and all of his investment options as well as the market conditions and the performance history on many different types of investments.

Even though past performance indicators are not always accurate, they are still a relevant lesson to Jason Hartman and his investment decisions.


2. Spread The Wealth

‘Not many people are lucky to be wealthy enough so they can afford to invest.’

This is a statement that is overused in our society – and a statement that does not make sense at all.

Just like you are healthier when you eat a variety of foods, you will be richer when your portfolio has different types of investments. Plus, you don’t need to be wealthy to invest. All you need is a decent plan, and you can start slowly. The goal is to diversify and plan ahead.


3. Be Patient

They say that patience is a virtue – and this is true.

While in today’s market it is risky to invest for just a couple of years, Jason Hartman advises that over time, holding your investments through the good years can yield you a high return.

Most of the times, it takes patience for the investment to ‘sit out’ and then move to the better phases – when it has the potential to counteract the bad and go in the green. Many investors have seen the stock prices hitting record highs and record lows, and sometimes this happens within a year of each other.


A Final lesson to Learn from Jason Hartman

In the end, not everyone considers themselves lucky to have the right type of investor knowledge and money to start investing early. However, it is never too late to take control of your finances, learn how to invest smartly and grow your money over time.

What everyone can learn from Jason Hartman, above all else, is that investing is not a side gig – it is a big adventure and a lifelong learning experience.

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