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Smart Women Create the Right Internal Environment

November 26, 2008 By Joy Chudacoff Leave a Comment

Last week, I was having a conversation with another smart woman and we found ourselves on a familiar topic to many people with children: schools and education. This woman has children in middle school and high school and she was sharing with me that the schools have two tracks in which to receive an education. As you might imagine, one is perceived as better than the other. As I reflect on this conversation, I had to smile. It seems our children are really no different than we are. We, too, must stay on the right track with the right environment and the right teachers around us if we are to realize our dreams, wholesale jerseys from china goals, and ideas.

Last week I shared with you some thoughts on why creating the right external environment is essential to leading a meaningful life. Having a home, office, and relationships that provide harmony will help you create more of what you want in life. Today, I want to share some ideas with you about your internal wholesale jerseys from china environment. Whats an internal environment? Its your internal voice, your authentic self”your core. As in our home, office, and relationships, we need to clear away the clutter in our own self talk to allow abundant thoughts to flow into our lives. We become what we focus on. If we find ourselves focusing on negative thoughts and judgmental self talk, we tend to project this into our world and the world around us. I often take time to listen to my own internal voice. Im curious to learn what I might be thinking but not actually saying outloud. I ask myself a couple of questions to gauge where I am: Are my thoughts positive? Negative? Judgmental? Am I in a place of possibility thinking or is it doom and gloom? In my work with women, I encourage them to stay in possibility thinking.

How about you? Do you have an inner critic? Does she carry on a positive conversation with creative thoughts and calming words or is she judging you in every situation you encounter? Does she have empathy for other people that you come into contact with or does she say something like, You think you have it bad, wait until I tell you my story!

I invite you to take an inventory of your internal environment. Your internal voice needs to be right if you want to manifest a new way of being. If wholesale nfl jerseys you are ready to step into a new journey and want to create something different in your life, your internal voice needs to speak the same language. Practice creating wholesale nba jerseys a regular habit of gratitude. One immediately comes to mind. In Los Angeles, parking is a premium. When all of a sudden a space opens up, I take a moment to give gratitude and if there is time left on the meter double gratitude! Its about finding the silver lining, even in simple things. Dwell on your accomplishments more often. Review whats working rather than criticizing whats not working in your life. Focus on finding simple solutions in your life to improve a situation and make it better.

If you have a BIG idea, dream or goal that you want to realize, its essential that you create the right environment in your home, office, relationships, and with yourself in order to make it happen. I will leave you with a familiar quote that Ive been thinking about this morning that seems ideal: We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Gandhi

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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Having a Career

Some of you will be lucky enough to get actual grownup careers right out of college. Others, like me, will merely have “jobs,” punching time clocks and wearing mandatory work hats for a couple of decades until anything like a career comes along. I don’t think the people in either situation are ready for it when it happens.

Because the difference between “job” and “career” is huge a career isn’t just a job that pays more and doesn’t require an apron. You work toward it your whole life, but there are no actual teachers to tell you what to do with the Road Runner when you finally have his skinny little leg in your fist. Do you eat him? Make a sweet pimp hat out of his feathers? Fuck his beak off? It turns out there are a whole lot of things people don’t tell you about the career thing, like .

It was only a couple of years ago that I was working a physical labor job that kept me clinched tightly in the asshole of poverty while I tried to come up with new ways to Michael Kors From China convince myself that I had it all under control. But on the upside, my routines were pretty simple I worked, came home, relieved stress with games and beer, went to sleep . rinse and repeat. Sometimes, I’d go back to work after a couple of michael kors handbags days off and hear about some psychopath customer who threatened the workers and spin kicked a computer off of the counter. How they had to call the police, and it was just this Cheap Michael Kors Outlet huge fiasco, and “Man, you should have seen it.”

But I didn’t see it because I was off. And when you’re off, work stays at work. That very idea is the difference between a career versus just working a job to pay the bills. I don’t know exactly how far up it’s located, but once you reach a certain rung on the work ladder, you will see the psycho, because you’re the one they call when his feet turn into those little catapult switches in Portal 2 and start whipping computer monitors into space. At that michael kors handbags level, there is no such thing as “work stays at work.” For better or worse, your life is your work.”Oh, shit, he’s back! And he’s going nuts on our Jenga game!”

The higher you climb, the more people need your input and help. And every person you add to that list takes away more of the time that is needed to complete the core duties of your job. Trying to explain this to someone who isn’t living it is next to impossible, because they have no means of comparison yet. I have friends who still work those 9 to 5 jobs, and they can’t fathom why I can’t take one measly hour to visit with them. the next day. The next distraction pushes that back to 7, and so on. They’ve never put that kind of commitment and effort into work before, so how could they know? It doesn’t make them bad people. Except James that dude’s a twat.

But because of that, they also don’t understand that the reverse those occasional, spontaneous, off the cuff visits to me can wreck my day just as badly. Yes, it feels awesome to have friends over, and I never want to turn them away, but that’s really the problem. Allowing it to happen freezes my progress and shifts my whole schedule to the right for exactly as long as they stay.”Hahahaha! Oh, that’s wonderful, you should fucking leave now.”

I understand how horrible that sounds, but it’s really not. It’s a simple solution: We just have to schedule visits in advance. When you fully commit to a career, that time is more valuable than the money you receive for it. Everything in your life becomes a delicate, precise Replica Michael Kors Handbags balancing act: Michael Kors handbags chores, family, friends, entertainment, sex, even eating. Friends and family picture you working all day, so they feel like you’ve earned a break and owe them that time. Work thinks that as soon as you’re out of their sight, you’re out goofing off, showing strangers your dick or michael kors outlet something, so you owe them more work to justify what they’re paying you. The whole world turns into that teacher who assigns you a 20 page report because to her, you have no other classes or responsibilities. “It won’t take that long. What’s one little assignment?” Meanwhile, you have four other teachers telling you the same thing, and you’re trying to figure out how to finish 100 pages without resorting to cocaine.

Your ability to manage that time is what sets you apart from everyone else who is competing for the job you currently have, or are shooting for. Not everyone can do it. Hell, for that matter, not many people can do it, but that’s why those positions are considered special and desirable.

The financial rewards are obviously a pretty awesome upside, but there’s something so much larger to consider. A person’s ability to manage time on such an exact scale will dictate what they get out of life and what they pass on when they leave it. Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, we’re not here Michael Kors handbags outlet very long. The more you get done, the more you leave behind, both material and in a namesake sort of legacy. Yes, there’s something to be said about stopping to smell the roses, but hurry the fuck up. You have shit to do.

I used to love the shit out of World of Warcraft. I put more time into that game than I did my full time job. If I could have gotten paid to play it, no one would have ever seen me again my kids would have been forced to get accounts just to talk to me. I would be one rich motherfucker, though.

I was able to play it so much because I worked eight hours a day and had plenty of time to kill when I clocked out. That’s the upside to working a throwaway job where you’re just another face performing basic functions. You can watch 12 hours of porn in one sitting when you don’t have a crew of workers who depend on you to be able to show up at a moment’s notice, sans boner.”I’ll give you a hundred bucks if when he gets here, you hand him two hard hats.”

Just a year and a half ago, I tripped and landed face first into this job that sounds so ridiculous when explaining it to someone that I eventually learned it was just easier to say, “I work with computers.” Before I knew michael kors outlet it, I was being pushed up that ladder, and though I’m not complaining in the slightest, I found that the more responsibility I took on, the more of my life that job took up. Little by little, WoW got whittled down until it just disappeared altogether. That happens with any career, and because of that, it becomes increasingly more important to enjoy it, because there is a tipping point on that scale where your career becomes your hobby.

There’s no such thing as a day off. as you are when you’re in the office. If what you’re doing isn’t one of your favorite things, you’re going to find yourself on the ass end of a nine Michael Kors from China millimeter, firing into open crowds and screaming out the names of former SNL cast members as each one falls. No, work is something you tolerate. A career is something you live.”Oh, God, please make him stop screaming ‘Chris Kattan’!”

Look at it this way: Let’s say that one of my favorite things in the world is writing comedy. I’m talking about loving it in a way that if I never made a dime off of my work, I’d still be writing just for fun. And let’s also say that after doing it for so long, some crazy person noticed and said, “Hey, I like those words that you’re saying. Here’s some money. If you do it again next week, I’ll give you some more money. We will continue this process until I run out of money or you run out of words. You don’t even have to blow me for it.”

Yes, I’ll admit that my career started out of sheer luck, but what I’m saying is that these things are absolutely out there if you know where to look. Love numbers? Bam, accountant. Like messing with computers? Booyah, tech monkey. Enjoy showing your freakishly large breasts to strangers? Pow, stripper. I wish I had understood that years ago, instead of just accepting that I’d always be resigned to shitty jobs with shitty pay.”OK, guys, break’s over. Let’s get back to juggling those scorpions.”Articles Connexes:

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