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Donna is explaining why she and husband, Bean, left the lightning round pace of Los Angeles 15 years ago for the lush and committedly funky wilds of Vashon Island. She herself is a gemologist, and a jewelry wholesale nhl jerseys and fashion designer. Couture, runways. (Yes, they know everybody.) Linus, one of two family English bulldogs and the reason for her opening salvo, sits at her feet.

“It was too fast, too rich, too tan,” she says of life there. They think of themselves as “earth to table kind of people” now. (By the way, Donna’s wearing a floor length dress, diaphanous and flowered, topped with a black leather shrug.) “Bean does the show from here. Let’s talk about here. Donna says, “We were thinking of doing something a little bit different. A down the rabbit hole spot.”

That’s it! This is exactly where one would expect to find Alice of Wonderland fame if she were a high fashion, rock ‘n’ roll chick. The house itself, 4,200 square feet, is an unapologetic bright blue Victorian crafted by Marty Burns Construction on Vashon. “Tiffany blue. It’s Tiffany blue,” Donna corrects. “It’s a little jewel box.”

Inside is pure glam: “A traditional beach house didn’t seem the right thing to do.” Donna calls it “cozy but regency, a mishmash.” Her plan for the interiors was “that looks cool, we’ll stick it in the house.”

Pinks and blues, lavender, gray, cheap nfl jerseys from china black, bright whites, velvets and sheens, chandeliers (seven in the kitchen alone!), all from the finest designers. Bean has a thing for photography. The living room is lined with black and white prints from old Hollywood; Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks, Marilyn, Grace Kelly. Out on the deck are wrought iron chairs, pink. Beyond that, the usual Northwest trappings; ducks, anchored boats.

The grand entrance is made very much so with a black and white marble floor, sweeping staircase, 17 Tom Dixon pendant cheap nfl jerseys lights, and soaring flight of chinoiserie fancy walls hand painted by Seattle artist Jennifer Carrasco. Critters of every stripe fly and leap and crouch and prowl among other characters Carrasco has included here for the entertainment of her animal loving employer.

Donna discovered Carrasco’s work at The Ruins, an event space/private club on Lower Queen Anne. (The murals of the royal blue ballroom are a masterwork.) She told the artist, “We didn’t want it to be too pretty. We wanted it to be a little dark.”Articles Connexes:

5 Personality Types We Constantly Misjudge

There is one trait that separates humanity from all the other animals: the ability to start articles with grandiose generalities that couldn’t possibly be true. cheap Michael Kors handbags Nope. Most people fall for all the obvious tricks and mistake one character trait for another. Although there are far too many exceptions to mention, here are five personality types we constantly misjudge.

5. An Earnest Guy Can Be a Needy Humblebraggart

Who doesn’t like the earnest guy? All American, humble, not too proud, hard working, fair. Y’know, earnest guy.

The earnest guy is great, and there’s a great way to spot him: First, think of that guy everyone says is really earnest. Got him? Good. IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING GUY. If someone is really living a selfless, ethical life, dictated only by their personal integrity, then 9 times out of 10 you don’t notice them at all. Earnest guys don’t talk, blog, or tweet about how earnest they are. They just do their thing for the right reasons, never calling attention to their good deeds, and often go unnoticed by the other, far shittier people in the world.

There is a certain Twitter famous individual who rose to prominence by shitting on a piece of human garbage that all decent people cheap Michael Kors handbags hate. Certainly, a bold choice. Then, shortly after that well earned fame was cemented, Whitney Houston OD’d, and this Twitter celeb tweeted about how she wasn’t making Whitney Houston jokes because she wasn’t an asshole.

An asshole like michael kors handbags me, I’m guessing.

But y’know what? People who think they’re doing God’s work by not tooling on dead celebrities don’t need the validation of the Internet. Genuinely earnest people know their actions cheap michael kors are their own reward. If someone’s famous for being michael kors handbags earnest, then that personality is just a persona. An act for attention no different or more admirable than someone juggling kittens or busking John Mayer songs in the subway.

4 cheap michael kors.

I’m not defending all abusive blowhards, but volume is not the best way to assess the content of michael kors handbags outlet someone’s heart. I’ve met plenty of loud, even Lewis Black esque angry people who were not bitter, hateful, cheap michael kors or jaded. Indeed, that anger and volume often comes from idealism. I mean, think about it: Without idealism, what’s there to be cheap Michael Kors handbags angry about? If you’re jaded and cynical and believe everything will suck always, then you’ll probably save your breath. Lots of angry people still believe better ways exist.

And even when that rage doesn’t fly out of a true idealistic heart, at least you know where you stand. Especially in a work situation, I’d take a screamer over a schemer every time. Screamers raise your blood pressure for five minutes, but schemers burn an ulcer into your soul. Yes, your soul is located in your stomach. Shut up.

3. Some Laid Back Folks Are Just Undiagnosed Mental Patients

Sure, there’s always room for michael kors outlet the laid back guy. It’s nice to have someone around who goes with the flow and doesn’t cause problems. Think of the guy in the band who feels the groove and just lays back on bass.

No Treble

Incidentally, this is a “basshole.”

But here’s the thing about so many laid back people: They’re not. Specifically, hippies. I’m not talking about your grandparents who marched against the war; I mean the tie dyed, jam band stoners who talk about the joys of being “laid back.” Rather than “laid back,” the appropriate word for them is usually “high.” It’s not the same thing.

And why are they high? Well, in my experience, half the time it’s because they have some form of undiagnosed panic disorder and the act of existing not stoned is somewhat insurmountable. So basically, they are the least laid back people in the world.

Or sometimes they just can’t talk, communicate, and interact. I mean they can interact enough to say “here” and pass a bong, but more than that gets dicey, and they are hostile to anyone wanting discourse beyond “Hey, what does that cloud look like to you?” A truly laid back person is someone remaining calm under real life conditions or stress. No one looks at the factory manager getting shit done without biting his nails and terrorizing people as being “laid back,” but that’s a far better definition than the guy who has seen Dave Matthews 58 times.Articles Connexes:

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Michael Kors outlet Hock with a third place finish in the final event, the 1,500. Hock finished in 12th. “I didn’t PR in anything. I was just consistent in everything,” Uibo said. “Put together a decent mark and I’m happy with that. Happy with first place” Oregon’s men led the team standings with 26 points, two more than Georgia. The Ducks’ men entered the meet ranked No. Track Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. Oregon has won eight straight Pac 12 titles and claimed the NCAA indoor title, but the team hasn’t won an outdoor championship vibram five fingers shoes sale since 1984. Second ranked Florida and third ranked Texas A were the co champions last red bottom shoes year, when the outdoor championships also were held at Hayward Field. Oregon’s men appeared to advance to the finals in the 4X400 relay, but were later disqualified for a lane violation. The Ducks appealed but a decision will not be made until Friday. On the women’s side, Oregon also held the lead with louboutin replica 19 points, ahead of a group with 10. Texas cheap michael kors bags is ranked No. 1 by the USTFCCCA, followed
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back. Same chef in the kitchen both nights. To your point that CTbites does not offer constructive criticism. Here are quotes from the previous month: Sadly, the anthony davis womens jersey soup was one of the weak showings of the night, as the bean puree had a bitter flavor that wasn’t diminished by swirling in the salty salami/oyster/basil mlange at the bottom of the bowl. note to Chef: the salty, earthy morels were overpowering and would Nike NFL Houston Texans Home C Patch have been better sliced sparingly into authentic cameron wake womens jersey the dish instead of served whole Our advice to Chef Frazer: keep it simple, and be sure to taste your foods before they leave the kitchen. The sauce is now more savory then sweet and I prefer the return to the more maple syrup based option to brighten the dish. A few drops authentic antrel rolle mens jersey of hot sauce would give the dish a little kick. The seasoning was slightly off on the dish I sampled with the gnocchi under seasoned, a little authentic fran tarkenton mens jersey too much vinegar in the mushrooms and Walter Payton Bears Alternate Navy Blue Mens Jersey a authentic steelers mel blount mens jersey little too much salt sprinkled phil dawson youth jersey on top. This is definitely a re try for my next visit. Hope that helps and thanks for the feedback. Don kid
system, while extremely disappointing, it is their prerogative," Mayer said. "Governor Hogan will authentic redskins joe theismann youth jersey continue doing everything he can to protect state employees and their pension system." The governor faced two 49ers reggie bush mens jersey barriers as he sought to make spending changes. The money earmarked for the creative arts center was for physical improvements to the building a capital expense, money that could not pay for the operating costs of a police barracks. And the General Assembly had earmarked the education money exclusively for school systems that need added funding for their K 12 classes. It cannot be spent for any other purpose in the coming year. "So it literally will sit idle, unspent," said Del. Maggie L. McIntosh, the Baltimore Democrat who chairs the House Appropriations Committee. Lawmakers did approve shifting to the pension up to $50 million in any unspent state funds starting in fiscal year 2017, but Hogan had argued that that was not enough. He said lawmakers had "raided" the pension system by cutting in half
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