Jason Hartman Advice: 3 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know Before Investing In Real Estate

Welcome to the Jason Hartman Advice blog. Today, we are talking about entrepreneurs investing in real estate.

Jason Hartman

If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to invest some money aside, you first need to re-evaluate your decision and ask yourself…

‘Why should entrepreneurs invest in the first place?’

The truth is, investments are smart. They help people create passive income, live without actively working and have comfort in owning something valuable.


There is another side of investments that most entrepreneurs get to know after their businesses fail. I, Jason Hartman, found that most companies can be affected by inflation, taxes and many other things that erode our savings. And that is precisely why I am writing today’s investment advice.


How I (Jason Hartman) Found Out That Investing In Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks


Real estate.

It might seem dull and boring – and a market without great return for many. However, entrepreneurs should know that even in a lousy economy, real estate fares better than stocks.

Since it is a finite resource, people will always need a place to live, work, shop and play…right?

So, the best way to sum up real estate investing is as a matter of supply and demand. If we take the stats, we will see that it continues to appreciate despite the slow-downs in today’s economy. For many successful entrepreneurs, real estate is undoubtedly the best way to create wealth.

So, how do you make most of your real estate investments?

Below, you will see all the lessons that I, Jason Hartman, learned over the years – and how I transformed them into actionable steps (that you should take).


1.Plan Your Financial Goals

Before buying your first property, make sure to know what you want to expect from your investments. Ask yourself what your goals are – what do you expect in terms of financial return – and what is the best way to achieve this sum in the long run. If you cannot set your financial goals, hiring an investment counselor can be a significant first step.


2. Don’t Overspend On Books, Tapes, And Seminars

Before I founded Jason Hartman Real Estate Investment Properties and the Hartman Media, I was surrounded by books, tapes, and seminars. These were all great materials – but there were also ones that ended on the shelf.

So, my advice is to learn the basics before entering into investing – and write down the specific questions that you are interested in – before booking another seminar or listening to the AMA Jason Hartman podcast .


3. Look At Plenty Of Properties – But Don’t Wait For The ‘Perfect Deal’

Grabbing the first property you will look at is often a shot in the dark.

A lot of investors are lured onto properties because they “look nice” – but the actual truth is that you must look at plenty of them before choosing the right one for your needs (and financial plans). Still, this doesn’t mean that you should wait for the ‘perfect unicorn deal’. All you need to rely on is to your thorough financial analysis with a set of realistic goals that make the most financial sense.


A Final Word

As I can see from most of the listeners at the Jason Hartman podcast, many entrepreneurs are active and looking for real estate investing options. However, at the same time, a lot of them are undertrained and don’t know the difference between real estate investing and the business of real estate.

I, Jason Hartman, hope that the tips mentioned above make an excellent roadmap for your initial plans. If you want to stay ahead of taxes and inflation while building a sustainable business, real estate investing is definitely for you.

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