The Dirty Little History of Banking (Part III)

central bankThe original date that will live in infamy was the year 1773, for this was when a wealthy coin dealer named Mayer Amschel Bauer called twelve wealthy and influential men to a meeting in Frankfort, Germany. Bauer's aim for the gathering was simple – to lay out a plan for the group to pool their money and power in order to ultimately gain control of the wealth, manpower, and resources of the entire world. One thing you can say about Mauer, he didn't think small and his 25 point plan to accomplish the goal proved it.

Bauer later changed his name to one you might have heard of: Rothschild. Each of his five sons was sent to a major European city to establish a branch of the Rothschild Bank. Among them were Frankfort, Vienna, London, Naples, and Paris. By 1850, the Rothschild family controlled more wealth than the rest of Europe combined.

For a glimpse into the type of method employed by a Rothschild, let's examine how son Nathan took over the Bank of England for pennies on the dollar. On the day the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium, Nathan knew that he could make a fortune with the information but he must act quickly. He paid an outrageous sum to a boat captain to ferry him across the English Channel in foul weather. Even though he knew it would take a while for news of Napoleon's loss to reach England, speed was of the essence for the plan to work.

After reaching London, Nathan began selling his securities and bonds as if in a panic. Other investors believed he had inside information that Napoleon had won the war, which would have been hideously bad news for the British Empire. What the other investors didn't know was that Rothschild's agents were buying up the assets as fast as the others could dump them, most at a substantially discounted price. This is how the House of Rothschild bought control of England for pennies on the dollar. Simple. Effective. Merciless.

It was during this same time period that this international banking club ushered in new members from the burgeoning industrial powerhouse of a nation that America was turning into. The names are familiar to most Americans, even today – John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. This was how the United States fell prey to the Rothschild world domination plan and, like before, the peaceful coup would take place via means of a subversion of the banking system.

Learn all about it when we continue next time…

The American Monetary Association Team

American Monetary Association

Flickr / Boston Public Library

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