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Due to likely increases in interest rates, the rising interest payments on our national debt make it is unlikely the U.S. will be able to balance its budget ever again. Foreigners will eventually stop lending to an irresponsible United States and the Federal Reserve will continue to create fiat money to fund massive deficit spending. Success in this environment will require people to structure their income and assets so that the tide of an inflationary future sweeps them to wealth instead of financial despair.

The American Monetary Association is not an investment advisor and are not selling products or services. We are a non-profit organization that helps to educate people about the fundamentals of success in our emerging world of irresponsible government, massive deficits and monetary expansion. We support a system of financial success that is based on the ownership of real assets that are financed with long term fixed-rate debt and produce regular income. This will allow investors to benefit from irresponsible monetary policy as it pushes up the nominal value and nominal income certain assets while “outsourced” interest payments remain fixed, providing investors a natural arbitrage.

At the same time, we also understand that short-term factors like high unemployment, de-leveraging by financial institutions, and weak consumer demand create deflationary pressures. We support a strategy that is optimized for both long-term inflation and short-term deflation. By focusing on cash producing assets, fluctuations in market prices can be deflected if the assets are purchased with fixed-rate financing as the cash flow allows investors to ride out the market value changes since their debt payments are fixed and the cash flow allows them to carry the financing indefinitely.

By subscribing to our free newsletter, podcast and RSS feed, you will receive regular insights and analysis that will help you to become prepared for a future that is driven by irresponsible government and massive monetary malfeasance. At The American Monetary Association, we believe that monetary expansion is likely to cause inflation, but also support a strategy of being prepared for both inflation and deflation, since the future is unpredictable. Take action today and take your personal education to the next level.

Size Objects KickingAstronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) may have detected the dusty hallmarks of an entire family of Pluto size objects swarming around an adolescent version of our own Sun.

By making detailed observations of the protoplanetary disk surrounding the star known as HD 107146, the astronomers detected an unexpected increase in the concentration of millimeter size dust grains in the disk’s outer reaches. This surprising increase, which begins remarkably far about 13 billion kilometers from the host star, may be the result of Pluto size planetesimals [1] stirring up the region, causing smaller objects to collide and blast themselves apart.

Fig 1. Artist impression of the debris disk around HD 107146. This adolescent star system shows signs that in its outer reaches, swarms of Pluto size objects are jostling nearby smaller objects, causing them to collide and “kick up” considerable dust. Credit: A. Angelich (NRAO/AUI/NSF)

Dust in debris disks typically comes from material left over from the formation of planets. Very early in the lifespan of the disk, this dust is continuously replenished by collisions of larger bodies, such as comets and asteroids. In mature solar systems with fully formed planets, comparatively little dust remains. In between these two ages when a solar system is in its awkward teenage years certain models predict that the concentration of dust would be much denser in the most distant regions of the disk. This is precisely what ALMA has found. At the time of wholesale nfl jerseys the observations, Ricci was with the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

“The surprising aspect is that this is the opposite of what we see in younger primordial disks where the dust is denser near the star. It is possible that we caught this particular debris disk at a stage in which Pluto size planetesimals are forming right now in the outer disk while other Pluto size bodies have already formed closer to the star,” said Ricci.

Fig 2. ALMA image of the dust surrounding the star HD 107146. Dust in the outer reaches of the disk is thicker than in the inner regions, suggesting that a swarm of Pluto size planetesimals is causing smaller objects to smash together. The dark ring like structure in the middle portion of the disk may be evidence of a gap where a planet is sweeping its orbit clear of dust. Credit: L. Ricci ALMA (NRAO/NAOJ/ESO); B. cheap wholesale jerseys Saxton (NRAO/AUI/NSF).

The new ALMA data also hint at another intriguing feature in the outer reaches of the disk: a possible “dip” or depression in the dust about 1.2 billion kilometer wide, beginning approximately 2.5 times the distance of the Sun to Neptune from the central star. Though only suggested in these preliminary observations, this depression could be a gap in the disk, which would be indicative of an Earth mass planet sweeping the area clear of debris. Such a feature would have important implications for the possible planet like inhabitants of this disk and may suggest that Earth size planets could form in an entirely new range of orbits than have ever been seen before. “The material is very tenuous and the combination of sensitivity and resolution offered by ALMA not only makes details in these sorts of objects observable, it makes such observations routine.”

The star HD 107146 is of particular interest to astronomers wholesale cheap jerseys because it is in many ways a younger version of our own Sun. It also represents a period of transition from a solar system’s early life to its more mature, final stages where planets have finished forming and have settled into their billions of years long orbits around their host star.

“This system offers us the chance to study an intriguing time around a young, Sun like star,” explained Corder. “We are possibly looking back in time here, back to when the Sun was about two percent of its current age.”

The star HD 107146 is located approximately 90 light years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Coma Berenices. It is approximately 100 million years old. Further observations with ALMA’s new long baseline, high resolution capabilities will shed more light on the dynamics and composition of this intriguing object. “At longer baselines, we expect to clearly determine the nature of the gap: is it created by a planet or not?” added Corder.[1] Planetismals are solid objects thought to exist in protoplanetary disks and in debris disks. Carpenter and B. Fu, Caltech; A. M. Hughes, Wesleyan University; and Andrea Isella, Rice University. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes wholesale jerseys of Natural Sciences (NINS) of Japan in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. ALMA is funded by ESO on behalf of its Member States, by NSF in cooperation with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC) and by NINS in cooperation with the Academia Sinica (AS) in Taiwan and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI).

ALMA construction and operations are led by ESO on behalf of its Member States; by the National Radio Astronomy (NRAO), managed by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI), on behalf of North America; and by the National Astronomical of Japan (NAOJ) on behalf of East Asia.Articles Connexes:

8 Reasons Not to Get a Business Degree

That’s one of the bombshell conclusions of , a new blockbuster bestseller that suggests that 45% of college students don’t learn much of anything in their first two years of college, while more than michael kors handbags one out of three students graduate with no improvement in writing and analytical skills.

Among the students who learn the least in college are social work, education and business majors. In contrast, the researchers found that students majoring in the humanities, social sciences, hard sciences and math do relatively well.

2. You won’t make as much money as you think.

If you’re interested in making tons of money, here’s a wake up call: in the latest college degree salary survey from Michael Kors handbags cheap PayScale, business is NOT one of the best paying college michael kors handbags degrees.

When PayScale looked at starting and mid career salaries of college graduates in dozens of college majors, business came in as the 56th best paying college degree. It fared worse than such “impractical” college degrees as philosophy, history and American studies.

3. The job market is crawling with business majors.

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when more than one out of every five new college grads is a business major. What you’re telegraphing when michael kors outlet you major in business is that you want to make money, but do you have what it takes to cheap Michael Kors handbags some day earn that corner office?

4. Your quality of life could suck.

Prominent labor economists examined what michael kors outlet Harvard Business School grads were doing 15 years after graduating and certain business majors were having a difficult time juggling career and cheap michael kors home life. Here’s a post that I wrote about the study: The Perils of Majoring in Business.

5. Majoring in business could hurt your MBA chances.

Not having an undergrad business degree can actually help when applying to MBA programs. At cheap michael kors some MBA programs less than 25% of their students possess undergrad business degrees. One study documented that business undergrads actually performed worse in MBA programs than non business majors.

6. You don’t need a business degree to work in business.

You’re kidding yourself if you think a business degree gives you the skills to work in the corporate world.

A employer survey conducted by the indicates that workplaces most value these three skills that you are usually more likely to find with a liberal arts eduction:What’s more, a survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 89% of surveyed employees said they want college students to pursue a liberal arts education.

7. You can make more money with an economics degree.

Economics majors earn more.

On PayScale’s list of the highest paying college majors, economics came in No. 10. Engineering majors dominated the rest of the top paying degrees. cheap Michael Kors handbags Economics is one of the liberal arts so you are more likely to learn how to write and think in college, which is what employers covet in their workers.

Illustrious econ majors include Warren Buffettt, Steve Ballmer, Ted Turner, Steve Fossett, Henry Kravis, Diane von Furstenberg, Esther Dyson, Bill Belichick and Mick Jagger

8. Your parents want you to major in business.

Don’t Michael Kors handbags outlet be a wuss and major in business because your parents are nagging you. If you’re pressured into majoring in business or any other major, studies show that you’ll be less likely to succeed professionally AND financially.Articles Connexes:

Best and Worst Things to Buy in January Video cheap michael kors Some of the biggest bargains in the stores this Christian Louboutin Online year. Deep January discounts on all kinds of things and Rebecca Jarvis is going to sort through what to buy now and what to hold off on. ? Reporter: January is here and after a Michael Kors handbag outlet busy shopping season, there are even more deals to be had right now. Yes, January is actually the best month to bag some of the biggest discounts of the year. How big are the discounts right now? You could find a scale of 20% to 50% discount michael kors and sometimes more if you shop carefully. Reporter: One of the best January markdown, winter wear up to 75% off at the gap. Plus $25 in coupons for every $50 you spend. At Macy’s deep discounts on outerwear for the whole family like this tommy Hilfiger with fur trim, originally $225, now 90. Or this Michael kors down Christian Louboutin Store coat, original price, $250, now just 99. ? and for your home, stock up on bedding. You want to look for sales on sheets. You can find discounts of 20%, 40% and more. Reporter: And that’s not all. That flat screen TV you wanted last month is marked down 25% at Best Buy this month. And fitness equipment is 40% off at target. So for anyone who made a new year’s resolution to stay healthy, this is a good fake Michael kors handbags time to shop. It absolutely is because a lot of exercise equipment is on sale, ellipticals and treadmills on their deepest discounts. Some things you should steer clear replica Michael Kors of. Humidifiers receive theirs next month of the wait for April for that new laptop and digital cameras and mattresses see their lowest markdowns in may going as low as 50% off. Except for emergencies a lot go by the calendar. If you time your purchases you can get a great deal. We love deals. Reporter: For “Good morning America,” Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, New York. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
? Changing metrics to step up valueNEW YORK: Packing for a two day conference in Chicago last week, Dianna Balabon wanted to make sure she would not have to check her luggage. The chic marketing director of the Peninsula hotel on New York’s Fifth Avenue loves clothes but hates waiting for luggage at the airport.So, chi hair straightener keeping things to a minimum, she packed a carry on bag containing: one black Valentino dress, one Armani skirt, a Viktor Rolf silk jacket, three pairs of shoes (Barney’s, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin), plus a few necessities and accessories.While she met clients and attended seminars, Balabon also had an eye on what was going on in New York.The Peninsula and cheap michael kors similarly hip hotels were full of the fashion crowd, here for New York Fashion Week and to see the world’s top designers sending new looks down wholesale cheap gucci the catwalks looks which are increasingly destined for the wardrobes of the world’s leading (female) business executives.Businessmen seem stuck in a mix and match world of suits and chinos. For many,
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Silk Ties Dress for Success Few clothing accessories denote style and luxury as silk ties can. Silk Ties add a cairo santos womens jersey special sheen to a mans suit offering both authentic michael brockers womens jersey visual interest and personal expression. Other Materials may be used in the manufacturing of ties but silk has a built in cache of expense Teddy Vikings Black Mens Limited Jersey and glamour. Silk ties benefit from the richer 49ers antoine bethea mens jersey dyes used by silk producers and the expertise of high end designers. Fashion experts often coordinate tailored suits with Sammy Watkins Bills Home Blue Youth Jersey appropriate silk ties for effect. Business fashion experts say the choice of tie can reflect the wearers personality or preferred image. Silk ties offer very bold color schemes and pattern which imply power authentic buccaneers warren sapp mens jersey or security. These ties Tom Brady Patriots Navy Blue Womens Jersey can also be coordinated with dress shirts to give the impression of organization and personal neatness. Silk can be printed or woven. Woven silk tends to be thicker and you will often see a fabric weave running through it. How to clean a Silk Tie: 1. Act immediately 2. Resist the temptation to expose a silk tie to water 3. Use a white paper towel to dab a small amount of stain remover onto the stain 4. Blot with the paper towel. 5. Have the tie professionally dry cleaned if you haven TMt gotten rid of the stain. Care and Storage: 1. Treat your ties with a specialized fabric protection spray before wearing them. 2. Avoid tie threatening situations Marshawn Lynch Seahawks Grey Womens Jersey such as open soup bowls, ketchup or mustard packets and babies. 3. Loosely roll ties to store them, rather than hanging them. Tie rolls should be loose to avoid wrinkling, hanging ties can leave creases. Buying the Right Tie: 2. Practice how to tie the four in hand tie knot and make sure that the tie TMs widest end is roughly at the upper edge of your belt. 3. Use a tie bar to attach your tie to your dress shirt. Remember wearing a quality silk tie properly tied and fastened is probably the fastest way to improve the overall appearance and doubling your chances of leaving a favorable impression.
bat ripping through the zone like a helicopter blade and those high stocking legs frenetically racing around the bases. The Giants were happy to see Pence because they knew exactly who and what they were getting. Pence said a lot of things on authentic branden oliver youth jersey Saturday, both before and after the game. The most obvious thing he said was probably also the best: The game story has most of the details: he sent Bruce Bochy a text from Las Vegas earlier in the week in which he said, in so many words, that he was a “weapon” and “IT’S TIME.” Then, despite just five rehab games and no batting practice because of pregame showers Saturday, Pence fouled off giants cullen jenkins mens jersey two sliders from Mike Leake in his first at bat before absolutely crushing a cutter to center field. The ball wasn’t hit directly to the gap. But it was hit so hard that center fielder Brennan Boesch had no chance to catch it or even cut it off. It was a double, and of course, Pence raced home without a throw from second base on Crawford’s single. Next time up, he hit a single, and of course,
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